Sunday, October 31, 2010

Interfood 2010

heyho! do you know what's the hippiest event this year (for me)? yeah. this is it; Interfood 2010 which held on 27-30 October 2010 at JiExpo hall A-B-C-D. :)
what's on there? a lot of fun and yummy things! :D
from pizza, pastries, doughnut, bread, chocolate, cheese, ice cream, until the machine, display, packaging, and many more.

so crowded, huh?

this is one of many baking demo which held by many booths there.

this is a cupcakes display from a booth. so cute! :D

this is one of many machinery booths.

aha! as it was about food, so almost all booths provided tester. and these are some of them.

cappucino! :D

popcorn. :)

this is pastries-making process. :)

this is a display, so we couldn't touch it. it's so cute, huh?

look! there's a korean food booth! yippie! :D
this is what they sold at the korean booth.

ah! i bought this. so yummy!

i bought this at singapore booth. guess the price! only 15K!!!!!! :D
yeah, korea and singapore open their special booths. so big. and not all foods provided were for sale. :(

and this sesame oil only cost 65K!!!

this yummy thing cost 10K only!

this cost 7K.

nah! this is korean chilly sauce for beebimbap! yuhuuu

and i got this for only 6.5K. :D

and this yummy thing for 6K. fyi, this is superb yummy! :D

what's this? it named Tok. you know, for making tokpoki. :)
it made from rice. it's chewy and could be cooked with the chilly sauce. NYUM!

and some booths also gave us recipe!!

well, these are just some part, i didn't take pictures of all things i'd found.
oh, i also bought baking and cooking stuff. the price here was cheaper and had a lot of choices.hehe
oh it's like heaven to me. :D
c u there next year. i promise i'll let you know if there is great event like this. :D


have you heard about this hip-lately restaurant? well, i've just made a visit here. :)

i started with Side Bread (18K), which consisted of 4 kind of wheat bread and butter. served on a wood cutting board. so cute! :D

and i ended with this big Pork Platter for two (199K). Yeah, this plate was totally full of porky pieces.hahaha. It consisted of smoked pork chop, boiled pork knuckle, 1 piece pork sausage, meatloaf, 2 pieces Vienna sausages, 1 pieces Nuernberger and half pork knuckle platter with sauerkraut and mashed potato. how was it? it was so make me full! :D
i love all kind of sausages and mashed potato here. but all the big-pieces of pork was a bit porky-smell, and i didn't like it. maybe for other people that's ok, but i cant stand for it.hehe. and the sauerkraut is yucky! taste like kimchi, but this one was more sour.

they said they brewed the beer by themselves, but since i don't like beer, so i didn't ordered it. :)

Paulaner Brahaus
Hotel Indonesia Kempinski
Jl. MH. Thamrin no.1

Monday, October 18, 2010

Bumbu Den

Bumbu Den is a manadonese restaurant located in Kelapa Gading. it's only about 300meters from MKG 3. it is a casual place; consists of 3 ruko.

Ikan Gurame Bakar Rica (48K). it was 6 ons weight. it was spicy (yaiyalah,namanya jg rica-rica).;p

half portion of Perkedel Jagung ala Bumbu Den (11K) . when you order half portion, you'll get two pieces of perkedel jagung. the size? so big big big. NYUM!

Kangkung Cah (10K). it's just ordinary way to cook kangkung, right. no need explanation i guess. :)

this is their sambel. salty and spicy.hihi

this is dabu-dabu. an identity of manadonese food. :D

Bumbu Den
Jl. Raya Boulevard Kelapa Gading Permai
Blok AQ 1 no. 6, Jakarta Utara
021- 4515371, 021-4501428

Jl. Boulevard Gading Golf Ruko Diamond
Blok DMD 3 no. 38
Gading Serpong, Tangerang

Friday, October 15, 2010

Suncity Luxury Club

lalalalalalalala. nothing more interesting than eating good food.hahaha.
today, I went to Suncity at Lindeteves Trade Centre. well, i came here for dimsum-ing. wohoo!
it was about 13pm and pretty crowded there. :)

Xiao Lung Bao (15.8K). it's made from pork. 1 portion consisted of 3 pieces. i think usually we get 5 pieces, don't we? but the taste pretty well lah. not too juicy, but still very eatable. :D

Siomay (16.8K). ah this is a compulsory-ordered-thing for me. the taste? so so. :)

what? what? what? what is this? this is Lumpia Susu Goreng Mangga (15.8K). unique, huh?

This is the filling. the left one is milk. it was tasteless. and the milk wasn't liquid, it's more like what ya..mmm.. something benyek2 gitu. dan the right one is mango. the mango pretty sweet (like me!). but i think it's a bit weird to see fried mango, isn't it? hehe

Bakpau Panggang Isi Daging Babi (15.8K). we usually call it chasapau.hehe.

i still prefer the one from Samudra , but this one was also very eatable.hehe

Tantart (13.8K). NYUM!

Mantao Goreng (10.8K). this one is never go wrong, right? the size of the mantaos were so small but nice though. :)

Goreng Pangsit Udang Mayonaisse (16.8K). This one also never go wrong for me.hehe.

Hakau (16.8K). another compulsory-thing-to-order for me.hehe. hakau is never go wrong too. so don't ask my opinion. :D

Onde-Onde (10.8K). it had lotus seed filling. sweet and yummy! :D

aaah i ordered Buncis (42K), with terasi sauce. nyahahaha. YUM!!

FYI, the Chinese tea costs 6K per person and pickle costs 5K. :D

Lindeteves Trade Centre 5th Floor
Jl. Hayam Wuruk no. 127.
Jakarta 11180, Indonesia

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Cafe Dermaga

Yesterday, i was really craving for mie sakaw! yeah, i used to often eat it when i was in senior high. mie sakaw is one of the favorite menu in Cafe Dermaga in Pantai Mutiara. it's good to came here again. :D
the place is outdoor, and they were having renovation there, so made me a bit uncomfortable.

Mie Sakaw (25K). i love this one so much! the taste was spicy and sour. you may choose the spicy level. i ordered for the 2 level. :) the topping was bean sprouts, caisim, and ayam kecap yang ada bawang bombaynya tapi ga brasa bombaynya.hehe. and they also gave a small bowl of gravy with 2 meatballs as side dish.

this is tahu berontak (26.5K). usually we call it tahu isi. Consisted of 4 deep fried tofu with vegetables and prawn filling. the taste was savory and not salty, not sweet, just savory. the unique thing was the sambel was sambel kacang. it was pretty yummy, but i suggest you, if you want to eat this, would be better if you eat this before the mie sakaw. because rasanya akan kebanting.hehe

Cafe Dermaga
Jl. Pantai Mutiara Blok TA no. 6
Jakarta Utara
Phone (021) 6660 4356 / 6660 435

Mr. Curry (revisit)

remember my 1st visit here? well, even they made a very bad service, they had good food though. so since i was really curious about their ramen, so i came back here.
unfortunately, the waiter said that they were running of the curry for ramen. :(
but the service had a lot of improve. good job guys. :)

So i chose to try this. Beef Hamburg Curry (68K). welll, all i can say is THIS IS DAMN YUMMY!hihi. the hamburg was juicy yet yummy. hey, they had special curry that day. there were small cubes of apple in it. :D

This is Prawn Mushroom Doria (58K). pretty similar with risotto, isn't it?
yeah, the baked rice flushed by cheese with prawn and mushroom on the top. the taste? cheesy!hahahaha. actually i expected way much than this. but no problem, it was still acceptable.

Dorayaki with Choco Ice Cream (22K). hey you! you have to try this!!
it's ordinary dorayaki with ice cream choco which was nice, and look! they made cut the dorayaki as the decoration, and it's so cute, isn't it?hihi. oh, there was also mango juice or jam on the side, which is a bit sour yet refreshing and yummy. me love it. :D

Grand Indonesia
West Mall, Level 3A
Jl. M.H. Thamrin No. 1
Central Jakarta

Rice Bowl

Well, i was about so hungry hungry and hungry. and suddenly, i has just passed through Rice Bowl.
since the place is almost always full, so i thought why i shouldn't give a shot. :D

Thai Chicken Rice Bowl (22.9K). the bowl was BIG. the rice was just half full, and the chicken was few. hahaha. don't worry, the taste was okay. we can call it : layak dimakan. hahaha. it's breaded small pieces chicken fillet cooked with hot sour sauce. NYUM!

Yang Chou Fried Chicken (23.9K). don't worry! fried rice is almost never go wrong.hahaha.
this was more like hongkong fried rice i guess. without soy sauce. and this smelled so good - smoked meat smell-.

Ice Lemon Tea (9.9K) is also the one which never go wrong. :)

overall it's pretty worth to eat. the portion was not too much but i'm pretty full. :)


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