Thursday, November 20, 2014

BANGO APPS: A Must-Have App for Everyone

Heyho good people!
Been ages since my last post, but this time I got something awesome that I cannot wait to share! This is BANGO APP! Yes, Bango the soysauce brand. After making the most awesome Festival Jajanan (street food festival - kind of), now they make an app. You might wanna know why you should have it. Keep reading readers.

First sight

1. Starving no more coz you can search any good food around you faster, easier, and only one click needed. Don't worry, it also can show you how to get there. I can say this is my favorite feature so far. Yeah, I starve a lot.
my closest food
Featured food

2. You can share info and rate a restaurant/tenant/hawker stall you find or visit. No need to be a famous writer to be a reviewer. And the best part is honest review is welcome. Anyhow, this feature also help you to choose the food suit you better. But don't forget, food is about taste, and everyone has different taste. *wink*
my first review *love love*

3. It's never hurt to get notification about latest promotion. Besides, sometimes you need one. LOL
today's promotion

4. Find recipe is as easy as flipping you hand. No kidding. There are many recipes uploaded daily from users. Yes, users. Means you also can share your favorite recipe so the other can try it too. Lovely, isn't it?
I drool faster than cooking

5. This is the happiest one. You can win Samsung Galaxy S5, Ipad Mini and Samsung Camera just by sharing review using this app. Terms & condition might apply. You might want to check h

Tips & Trick: Don't forget to turn on your 'Location' so the apps can find your location and give you the best choices you need.

In my opinion, this apps is very user friendly and comfortable for my eyes. It uses Indonesian, so there won't be language-clash. You may download the apps on:
Available for iOS, Android, and Blackberry. Go get yours NOW! Can't wait to share more stories with you. *love love*

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Pastry Making Class with Bogasari Baking Center and Femina Magazine.

Who wants to join Pastry Making Class for FREE? Yes, you can. Register by simply commenting on this post, I will choose 1 lucky reader to come with me to attend this class. I will publish the winner on my twitter (@yummyfordummy). So please feel free to follow. The venue will be in Kelapa Gading area, please make sure you can come. See ya!

Sunday, April 20, 2014

#Magnoffee : Fun Way to Have Coffee

Heyho, people! I’m back! No, not because I’m not busy enough, but because I have something to share with you, and I couldn’t keep it myself for a longer time. :p
What’s that? Hint: It’s something to do with Magnum.

Who doesn’t know Magnum? It is a legendary ice cream in the world. Started with a single variant: vanilla, now they’re expanding a lot. Since the first booming Magnum Cafe few years ago, the hype wasn't stop right there. Magnum still making further steps, which lead to more enjoyment. YAY!

I'm not a vanilla nor coffee person. But when it comes to Magnum and Coffee, this is where my exception begins. The first time I met Cikopi in Magnum Café (Grand Indonesia) few weeks ago, he told me a lot of coffee thingy. Made me come to a question “If you want to have a cup of coffee, then why you are here? Magnum Café is a place for ice cream, not for coffee.” , and warmly he answered “Ah, you must be haven’t tried Magnofee. Try one!”. Then I got myself a mini Vanilla Magnum and a cup of coffee. OMG! Now I can say I’m a coffee person! :p

I remember how I couldn't stand of coffee. Black and bitter. Thanks to Magnum who invented giving me the idea of #Magnoffee. So what is this #Magnoffee thing? Glad that you asked. 

#Magnoffee is the latest trend brought up by Magnum, simply by putting Magnum ice cream into coffee. You can use any flavor of Magnum (mini Magnum is highly suggested) and any kind of coffee. Well, it looks like Affogato, but this one is even better.  Perfect for afternoon coffee time, working company, dessert, just hanging out with friends or family, and any other casual occasions.  

Talking about the direction, nobody can say. I mean, like, everybody has their own way to do anything. And so about this one. Magnofee totally have no rule. You can have it your way.  For example, my sister loves to put Magnum Vanilla into hot black coffee, and then she stirs it around using the stick, until some of ice cream melted. In the other hand, I prefer to crush the Magnum inside the packaging, then pour it all into the coffee. My friend love to use Brownie Magnum for her caffe latte. Need extra topping? You may add cinnamon or sugar or any stuff suits you well. I love grated dark chocolate, and my aunty loves grated ginger.

Having Magnoffee is so fun. I’ve done few experiments until now, and still keep counting. What about you? Make you own creation now!

PS. You can grab your favorite Magnum at nearest supermarket, mini market or any other stores.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Cuca : The Real Gem in Jimbaran

Happy Belated New Year, hungry people! This is my first post in 2014. One of my resolutions is to post more often then 2013. Wish me luck. :p

Have I told you that I went to Bali last October? I'm pretty sure I did it on this post. Now I'd like to share another good food in Bali; Cuca.

They opened in August 2013, just exactly on Eid Mubarak day. But I heard their name way before it. Apparently they prepared the dishes, ingredients, concept, and whatsoever from far far ago. Good to know. I was more than excited to try, I even booked my table before I departed from Jakarta. lol :p

Located in Jl. Patih Jelantik, near Intercontinental Hotel, the place wasn't in the main street, but there's a signage so you won't miss it. Thanks to my driver who drove me along to all of places I wanted to go in Bali with all his patience. (His name is Pak Kadek, his number is 62-819 9910 0879. He is very kind and sincere. I definitely will hire him if I happen to go to Bali again). Cuca have 3 parts of seating place: garden (it didn't have beach view but very lovely on sunset), dining area (private area, suitable for dating, family dinner, or any occasion that need more privacy), and kitchen bar (very suitable for people like who loves to watch the chef doing his attraction). I chose kitchen bar!

I came with 3 of my empty-tummy-friends, but since it was our last night in Bali and we still had one eating place to go that night, so we managed to order 3 tapas (small dishes/appetizer) and 3 drinks. FYI, Cuca only serves tapas, so there is no main course. The waiter said it took approx 3-4 portion to make someone full.

Welcome Dish
While waiting for our order, the friendly waiter served us the welcome dish. Don't know how to call it, the texture was similar with cotton. The flavor came from powder spice. Kevin, the head chef and founder, said it had Ayam Betutu flavor. And he created the recipe by himself! Cool. I even amazed from the first dish.

Crispy Fried Chicken (IDR 60K)

First dish appeared so tempting. Came with an outstanding presentation, it wasn't hard for me to take a good picture of it. Crispy Fried Chicken. Even from the name, you could tell what's in it. Yes, it's chicken. But Cuca successfully put an extra touch that made the dish unforgettable to me.  With a hint of wild honey, sesame dust, lemon basil, and served with coleslaw, the chicken was crunchy outside and juicy inside. Well seasoning was definitely their plus point.

Roasted Tiger Prawns (IDR 90K)

Roasted Tiger Prawns brought me to in the middle of love and hate. Love it because the outstanding taste. Hate it because I need some more by now that I'm drooling while writing this. I can tell you the tiger prawn was all fresh because I could taste it. Came with deep fried eggplant as topping and light coconut broth successfully highlight the season.

Free Range Chicken Puddle ( IDR 58K)
Well, I'm Asian, I eat rice. I was curious what would happen to Indonesian red rice in Chef Kevin's hand. And it turned out very well. Free Range Chicken Puddle came as a luxurious result with a high rated taste. Broth was nice, a little thick and savory. The red rice was very fine, felt like less fiber-ish, very enjoyable. The chicken was cut into diamond cut, cooked into perfection. Well done.

Monkey Business (IDR  65K)
When it comes to dessert, I will never miss it. Monkey Business is a bowl of baby banana pudding baptized in caramel look-a-like sauce that made from whiskey butterscotch, with espresso gelato. Am not a big fan of banana, but this one was an exception! The best sweet bitter alcoholic dessert I ever had. :)

Cocoa 8 (IDR  80K)
From the first sight, I knew my heart would fall for this one. The idea of mint choco flying in my head. And I was right. The combination of warm dark choco mousse with homemade mint ice cream (yes, it was homemade and the taste was no joke, way better than the one sold in supermarket. How cool is that?) and chocolate croutons was incredibly the best! OMG. As a chocolate lover, am so proud and happy. Chocolate and mint will never go wrong, right?

Bali Breakfast (IDR 65K)
It was not a breakfast menu, it's dessert. Called as Bali Breakfast because of the look. Hmm.. What is that? Let me explain. The 'yolk' in the middle was mango puree that tasted sweet and runny. The 'white part' was whipped coconut which tasted light, creamy, and went super duper well with the mango. This was the best dessert of the day. Never thought coconut and mango could make a pretty result. I will definitely came back for Bali Breakfast. *big grin*

Sun-Gria Mocktail  (IDR 60K)

Sun-Gria Mocktail  (IDR 60K)
Besides the outstanding dishes, Cuca also has outstanding beverages. Sun-Gria came in an extraordinary appearance. They replace ice cubes with watermelon ice cubes. Since I ordered the mocktail, not cocktail, they used watermelon juice. There should be red wine if you order cocktail one. Yes, this is one of the best thing here, every cocktail had mocktail version. Suitable for a person who cannot drink like me. Anyway, Sun-Gria Cocktail will cost you IDR 90K. 

Moo - Cocktail (IDR 90K) 

I'm so familiar with chocolate milk. There's no day i spent without drinking one. Moo, was a chocolate milk I drank that day. But the difference was Moo got hazelnut liquor and vanilla brandy. Light and comforting, enough to got me a good sleep. 

Blush - Mocktail (IDR 50K)
Just like the others, Blush also had mocktail - cocktail version. The cocktail version would cost you IDR 90K. Blush contain red watermelon juice with yellow watermelon ice. So refreshing. Cute appearance, right? 

I extremely enjoyed my visit and definitely will come back as soon as I can. Nice ambience combined with good food. What else can I ask for more? The real gem hidden in Jimbaran, Bali. :)

My view while eating

  1. Cuca 
    Phone:(0361) 708066
  2. Address: Jalan Yoga Perkanthi, Jimbaran, Bali 80364

Anyway, as you seen on picts, I got a new logo. What do you think? :) 


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