Friday, October 1, 2010

Nanny's Pavilion

heyho! have you been to Nanny's Pavilion Bandung? well, since they've opened their branch in Jakarta, i think it's good to come there. :D

hey look! i love their ambiance! cool! :))
this is their dining coaster. i don't know why, seems like my blogger has some problem. actually this pict is landscape, but it became portrait when i uploaded. :(

this is Strawberry Waffle (28K) and i got additional choco chunk in it (extra 6K). well, just like a common waffle. nothing special. they served it with sliced strawberries, strawberry jam, and a scoop of ice cream (i chose choco one).

WHOAA! Heavy Alvin's Potato (29K) is totally worth it! you have to order when u come here.hihi. it's deep fried sliced potato with kinda red bean soup and cheese on the top. super yummy.

Auntie's Sausage Baked Rice (34K). hey look! this is so great. they put mozzarella cheese on the top and pieces of sausage which were pretty yummy. and they also smelled good! :D

i think overall it's very recommended. but the place is not too big, but the price, the service and the taste worth to try. :)

Nanny's Pavilion Jakarta
Citywalk Sudirman Lt. GF - 21
Jl. KH. Mansyur
Jakarta Pusat
Phone: +62-21-25556779


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