Thursday, February 17, 2011

The Cafe' Cartel

The Cafe' Cartel! After been curious for years (lebay mode on), finally i made a visit.hihi :D
No need more explanation, lets go to the superb dishes. :D

Beef Lasagna (68K). Out of my expectation, the lasagna was outstanding. The pasta was al dente, the tomato sauce was superb. a bit sour and savory. Plus mozarella on the top. Absolutely gorgeous.

Supreme Platter (68K). Actually this is an appetizer dish, but i don't care anyway.hahaha. This dish consisted of breaded dory fish, calamari & seafood finger with chicken nuggets, waffel fries, and served with Chef's special sauce and tartar sauce. Well, everything was okay. Deep fried thing is never go wrong to me.hahaha.

Banana Fritters (35K) was superb. The banana was just right, plus it was deep fried which made it crunchy and savory and... the size was pretty big.haha. Chocolate ice cream gave sweetness. NYUM! :9

Opera Cake (28K). When i saw this in the menu, i was pretty confuse which cake i should choose, but at last I ordered this opera cake. hehe. Fortunately, i am not regret my choice.nyahahaha. It tasted nice, tender, a bit sweet, coffee-ish, and chocolate-ish. Strawberry on the top gave sourness that made balance to the cake. :9

This is in front of The Cafe' Cartel in PIM 2.

The Cafe' Cartel
Djakarta Theater, Corridor Floor Unit #A2
Jl. M.H. Thamrin No. 9
Jakarta Pusat, Indonesia
Tel. (62-21) 391 3875

fX Lifestyle X'nter, 1st Floor
Jl. Jenderal Sudirman, Pintu Satu Senayan
Jakarta, Indonesia 10270
(021) 30030388

Jl. Metro Pondok Indah
Pondok Indah Mall 2
Jakarta Selatan, DKI Jakarta12310


i can't believe i never tell you anything about Sushitei.
This is one of biggest sushi tenant in Jakarta, and originated from Singapore. since opened in 1994, until now, it has more than 10 branches in Jakarta and other big city in Indonesia.
Actually Sushitei was my fave Japanese restaurant, but I don't know why, lately i think their taste is not as good as before. :(
anyway, don't let yourself down!hahaha. Sushitei is still edible and nice.:)
this is my 2 times visits, and sorry sorry jek, i lost one of my bill so i couldn't remember some names. hehe
so please correct me if i'm wrong.:)

BANG! i forgot this one.hahaha. As i remember, this cost about 40-50K. It was enoki wrapped in beef. The taste was juicy and sweet. the enoki was crunchy and the beef was tender. love it!

errrr.... This one is..... Phoenix roll or Crunchy roll ya?hehe. I think it's more into Phoenix roll.hehe. Taste? I think just average. Good sauce, fresh avocado, nice prawn and eel.

Nah! This one absolutely is Salmon Skin Fried (28K)! It was a deep fried skin salmon. If you are in a bad luck, you may get chocked by the salmon's bone. Oops! ;p
anyway, it tasted crunchy and salty. Nothing more and nothing less.

Hansaki ika tempura (28K)! i can tell the name even i lost my bill because this one is my fave!hihi. It's deep fried squid, served with a savory sauce. even without the sauce, i already love it.hehe :D
the squid's texture was nice, not hard to chew, but crunchy outside. wohooo!

Ebi Sushi (11K). Fresh cut prawn. Not overcooked nor undercooked.

Inari sushi (7.5K). lucky me, because i love this and this is pretty cheap.hahaha.

Errr. this one is tobiko something. i forgot the last name.hehe. anyway, it tasted just average.

and... here you'll always get free ocha. Hot or cold, it's your call buddy. :D

overall, even i think Sushitei is just an average restaurant, but when i am lack of choice, Sushitei is not a bad choice. It's still edible and food quality is pretty good.

Pondok Indah Mall 2 ( PIM 2 ), Level 1 - 124
Metro Pondok Indah
Jakarta Selatan
DKI Jakarta - Indonesia
PH 1: (021)7592-0800

Plaza Indonesia (PI), Level 1 - 102 A & C
Jl. MH. Thamrin Kav. 28-30
Area: Thamrin
Jakarta Pusat, DKI Jakarta
PH : (021) 3983-5108

Plaza Senayan
Level 3, # 302 C
Jl. Asia Afrika No. 8
Central Jakarta
Telephone +62 21 5730928
Facsimile +62 21 5725777

Senayan City
# 4-08 - Jl. Asia Afrika No. 19 Central Jakarta 10270
Telephone +62 21 72781678
Facsimile +62 21 72781678

Kelapa Gading
Level 1 #47 - JI Boulevard
Kelapa Gading North, Jakarta 14240
Telephone +62 21 45876410
Facsimile +62 21 45876410

Emporium Pluit
Level 2, # 48 - 49
Jl. Pluit Selatan Raya
Jakarta Utara 14440 Indonesia
Telephone +62 21 66676388
Facsimile +62 21 66676388

Central Park
Shop unit No.L1 - 113, 1st floor
Jl. Letjen S. Parman Kav. 28 West Jakarta 11470
Telephone +62 21 56985276
Facsimile +62 21 56985276

Gandaria City
Main Street Upper Ground 22-23
Jl. Sultan Iskandar Muda
(Arteri Pondok Indah) Jakarta Selatan 12240 Indonesia
Telephone +62 21 29052892
Facsimile +62 21 29052892

Sushi Kiosk @ Puri Mall
GF Unit 038
Puri Mall Jl. Puri Agung, Puri Indah
Telephone +62 21 5822505
Facsimile +62 21 5822505

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Suncity Luxury Club (revisit)

as i once went here, i thought i need another visit, so there i was. wohoo!
for you who haven't seen my 2st visit, just take a look here.
so this is my 2nd visit, and i tried plenty new menus. nyehehehe
This is Nasi Goreng Teppanyaki ala Yang Zhou Saos XO (88K). well, the taste was just a common Yang Zhou fried rice, but the difference is it made in teppanyaki way. Get what i mean? See below!

yeaaaah. The station wasn't there before. But as i ordered this menu, the station was come out with the chef, and made right in front of you.hahaha. it's so fun to see how your meal is cooked.
FYI, this fried rice wasn't taste too salty, and just ok. It has deep fried garlic sprinkles on the top, which give more taste into it.

Tim Kaki Ayam Saus Pedas (13.8K). which was pretty yummy!hihi. The sauce went really well. But i think it's not as spicy as the name.hahah

Lobak Goreng Tauge Saus XO (38K). To be honest, i don't really like radish cake, but this time was an exception.hahaha. In this dish you may taste the crunchiness of bean sprout, the mushiness of the radish cake, the fragrant of leeks and XO Sauce, finished with saltiness and spiciness of the seasoning. LOVE IT SO MUCH! <3>

Chong Fun isi Cakwe (13.8K). It went with bumbu kacang, which i thought made it taste weird, but i don't know why a lot of people like this.

Tim Bakpau isi Babi Panggang Madu "Cha Siew" (13.8K). I thought this was yummy. the Bakpau was soft and light. The cha siew was nice and sweet enough. but i suggest they should put more cha siew in here. heheh

This is Puff Panggang Babi Madu dengan Keju (15.8K). Well, my question is, where is the cheese? I didn't taste any cheese there.hehe. Overall, this was a superb! the puff was crunchy outside and soft in the inside. The filling was cha siew, and it went just the same with like in the bakpau.hehe.

Udang Goreng Saus Mayonaisse (Fried Prawn with Mayo Sauce) - 78K. It's deep fried breaded prawn, served with mayo and sprinkled with strawberries and corn flakes on the top. This dish always been my fave all the time. For me, prawn and mayo will never go wrong.hahaha. But to be objective, this dish was good. I never saw deep prawn mayo served with strawberries before. The fact is, it went nice. Gave a bit sour to the heavy mayo and the corn flakes gave more crunchiness in it. superb!

For dessert, i chose Pudding Kelapa Bangkok (32K), which was super delicious! it was a young coconut, with jelly inside. The jelly was made from the water from coconut. It taste light, a bit sweet, and fresh. High recommended. Indeed. :)

Lindeteves Trade Centre 5th Floor
Jl. Hayam Wuruk no. 127.
Jakarta 11180, Indonesia

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