Sunday, October 3, 2010

Warung Tekko - Taman Palem

well, today i went to Warung Tekko. since it was rainy along the day, i chose to eat it at nearby Warung Tekko (usually i eat at the PIK one), it is Taman Palem. honestly i forgot to take the picture of the food.hehehe. but i'm sure i have something to share besides the foods. :)

first i came, the place was quiet vacant, i opened the door, and seemed like nobody's notice. hell-o! i am a big creature here, and the waiters and waitress seemed like didn't see me. great. i thought, maybe they're busy. okelah..
then i took a seat, and waiting the waiter/ess give me the menu book. 2 minutes. and still nobody noticed me. so i call to the waiter/ess which are at the cashier. and still nobody noticed.
so i shouted. and still nobody noticed. and i saw the waiter/ess were busy----busy chatting. GREAT. i started to be resentful. well, i shouted again, louder this time. and STILL NOBODY CARED. Hell-O. they saw me. they saw me waving and calling them but they still doing chitchat and joking. i had been waiting for more than 5 minutes here, and still no one cared. did i look like i couldn't afford the food? What the hell!
then i screamed (shout in way more resentful than before). and still they're busy chitchatting, and somebody in another table called them too. and they're still didn't see us. and after many other shouts, they saw us. FINALLY!
then a waiter came to my table and asked what should he did. so i asked the menu book. he pleased me to wait for a moment. then i wait until 5 minutes later i hadn't got the menu and there were a waiter/ess is chatting with the cashier and a waitress was drying fork and spoon.
i called again, and the chitchatting-waiter came. i asked him for a book menu, and he took me the menu.
alright. here i went. i chose and ordered.
fortunately it didn't take time too long for them to serve the food i ordered. so i thought my disappointment had finished. but it's totally wrong!

i ordered ayam goreng spesial Tekko (13.5K). they said this was a chicken marinated with spesial recipe of tekko. but for me, seems like a ayam-bumbu-kuning yang d balut tepung kobe terus d goreng. ah it's okelah. it's pretty yummy lah.hehe.

and i also ordered iga sapi penyet (25K). errr... actually i hoped it was just the same like at the PIK one. but unfortunately it was very very different. the bones are too big, and the meat was to little. bbaaah. very under expectation.

the other was Tahu Kipas (12K), consisted of 3 deep fried tofu. i think the size was smaller than at the PIK, and the taste either.

i ordered Orange Squash (10K). the orange was bitter. BLAH.

and actually i ordered fried tempe too. and when i ordered, the waiter already wrote it and reread it to us. i don't know how it wasn't on my order list. -__-
but that's okaylah. at least they didn't ask me to pay for it.
although it's still count on their fault, right?

i never got this kind of service when i ate at other Warung Tekko. this is my first time to come to Warung Tekko Taman Palem, and i was very very very disappointed. i think if i want to eat Warung Tekko's food, i'll go to the other branch, not the Taman Palem, even it's very near my house.

oh yah, they also provide Snowlicious, it's like Charmy - Taiwanese ice cream. i love it. at first i came, i really wanted to order it after the meal, but i wasn't at the good mood after all.

for additinal info, the white rice costs 4K per portion and serve in a basket. :)


Anonymous said...

Kayaknya cuman lu doang yg dapet pengalaman gitu yah ? Dan gw saranin jgn jelek2in usaha orang. Gw sering ke tekko palem dan gw SANGAT PUAS with their services. So..... ? Lu jg ga jujur waktu bayar. Haha, ada yah orang kaya gini, merasa dirinya bener.

sara said...

Hi there. Thank you for your comment. Gw sih nulis apa yg gw alamin aja ya. Jd ya bukan salah gw kenapa pas gw dateng mereka bersikap spt itu. Ada saksinya koq kalo gw ga boong. Gw k sana sama nyokap dan ade gw. Btw, kenapa lu yg marah ya? Emang lu yg punya? Kalo lu yg punya, kynya mendingan diperbaikin aja dl servicenya. Jgn malah marah2.

sara said...

Anyway, ga jujur apanya ya? Gw BAYAR semua yg gw makan loh. Kalo tempe goreng gw ga d sediain, masa iya gw juga harus bayar? Masa iya kalo ga d sediain dan ga masuk bill dan gw ga bayar tempenya, gw dibilang ga jujur?
Gw tulis selalu dari apa yg gw rasain koq. Kalo bagus, gw akan blg bagus. Boleh lu cek d postingan gw yg lain. Thanks. :)

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