Friday, October 15, 2010

Suncity Luxury Club

lalalalalalalala. nothing more interesting than eating good food.hahaha.
today, I went to Suncity at Lindeteves Trade Centre. well, i came here for dimsum-ing. wohoo!
it was about 13pm and pretty crowded there. :)

Xiao Lung Bao (15.8K). it's made from pork. 1 portion consisted of 3 pieces. i think usually we get 5 pieces, don't we? but the taste pretty well lah. not too juicy, but still very eatable. :D

Siomay (16.8K). ah this is a compulsory-ordered-thing for me. the taste? so so. :)

what? what? what? what is this? this is Lumpia Susu Goreng Mangga (15.8K). unique, huh?

This is the filling. the left one is milk. it was tasteless. and the milk wasn't liquid, it's more like what ya..mmm.. something benyek2 gitu. dan the right one is mango. the mango pretty sweet (like me!). but i think it's a bit weird to see fried mango, isn't it? hehe

Bakpau Panggang Isi Daging Babi (15.8K). we usually call it chasapau.hehe.

i still prefer the one from Samudra , but this one was also very eatable.hehe

Tantart (13.8K). NYUM!

Mantao Goreng (10.8K). this one is never go wrong, right? the size of the mantaos were so small but nice though. :)

Goreng Pangsit Udang Mayonaisse (16.8K). This one also never go wrong for me.hehe.

Hakau (16.8K). another compulsory-thing-to-order for me.hehe. hakau is never go wrong too. so don't ask my opinion. :D

Onde-Onde (10.8K). it had lotus seed filling. sweet and yummy! :D

aaah i ordered Buncis (42K), with terasi sauce. nyahahaha. YUM!!

FYI, the Chinese tea costs 6K per person and pickle costs 5K. :D

Lindeteves Trade Centre 5th Floor
Jl. Hayam Wuruk no. 127.
Jakarta 11180, Indonesia


Jendry hutama said...

Sun City is the best around kota area :D,sop burung daranya muantap poll

sara said...

really? never try.hehe. tp asik sih emang makanannya. apalagi masih diskon 50% weekdays ampe akhir taon.nyahahahaha :D

Jendry hutama said...

hahahaha iyaa..sun cityy okelah..imperial chef juga oke dimsumnya ,,sebelah lindeteves

sara said...

eh lu uda pernah cobain lei's garden ato apa gt. yg all u can eat cm 40rb. tp tempatnya ky masuk k pelosok2 gt. yg kliatan cm plang gedenya doank.hahaha

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