Friday, November 26, 2010

Gandy Steak House & Bakery

you may have heard this name since a long time ago. yeah, it's been existing since years ago.
unfortunately, i had just made my first visit some days ago.hehehe.

they gave me 2 breads as compliment for appertizer. wohoo! the bread is yummy yet free.ahahaha.

this is Spaghetti bolognaise (38K). i love this. the oregano wasn't too bold, just the way i like it. :)
the spaghetti was also not too soft nor hard. exactly the way i like.hihi

this is Chicken Cordon Bleu ( 53K). whoaaa. the portion is big enough for me. it served with olio oglio, which was so yummy and not too soft nor hard too. the chicken was juicy and just fine.hehe

Grilled Gindara (48K). the fish was just fine, and the sauce was butter sauce, so it was really buttery, which i don't like. seems like you drink oil, u know?

and this one is Burger Steak (38K). it's a grilled minced beef with fried egg and mushrooms on the top.

the sauce : fine.
the mushrooms : okay.
the meat : not juicy. too dry, i guessed. me not really likey. heheh

ah! if you ordered hot plate steak, they're served with a plate of boiled veggie and french fries. :)

they also sell bread in the restaurant. nice bread. i love it.hihi

the waiter/ess were so friendly. the ambiance of the place was just like classic and comfort-y. :)

Gandy Steak House & Bakery
Jl. Barito II no. 56A, Jakarta Selatan

Green Garden Blok I 9 no. 3-4, Jakarta Barat

Jl. H.O.S. Cokroaminoto no. 90, Jakarta Pusat

Jl. Boulevard Kelapa Gading Blok LA no. 1-3, Jakarta Utara

Jl. Hayam Wuruk no. 73, Jakarta Barat

Golf Hill Terrace , Jakarta Selatan


for who live in pluit - muara karang area, maybe this place sounds familiar. yeah, goli stands for goyang lidah. it's a kinda hawker stall (kaki lima) between GKY Pluit and Stella Maris. :D
they sell soto. soto babat, soto daging, soto ayam.
and all of them are DAMN YUMMY! :)

this is their soto daging. you may choose the gravy; the coconut milk one or the clear one. they're all yummy. hihi

and this is their soto ayam.

the price is only 11K per portion. and 4K for a plate of rice. ;)

Monday, November 15, 2010

Pizza Boutique (revisit)

finally i made the next visit to here. :)
here is the story..
actually i just missed their dessert pizza so much. but as you know, Pizza Boutique has weekdays promo which is different each day, so i asked the waiter about what is the promo of the day. he looked confuse and answered that he didn't know. i guess he was new.

so i ordered Black Forest (39K for small size and 52K for regular size). first, i ordered the regular one. as i didn't want to eat too much that time, so i just ordered that.

since i was curious about the promo, after i ordered, i went to the promo board and read it. written that that day's promo is free dessert pizza for main course purchase. then i asked the waiter about this. i didn't know where were the other waiters, that seems-new-waiter came to me, so i had no other choice, i asked him. he looked confuse and said that if we bought a main course, we would get free dessert pizza. and he also said i might choose the size too. then i made sure by asked him if i ordered a main course on the menu, so my dessert pizza was free. and he tried-to-be-sure-looked answered yes. so i chose Lasagna (58K). apparently the lasagna was good. the taste was tomato-y that it was a bit sour -yet fresh. :)

and i ordered ice lemon tea (19K) and this is refillable.hehe.

oh i almost forget. when the lasagna came, a waitress bring it to me, and said that we had a wrong information. free dessert pizza was only valid for minimal 150K bill. then i said, the waiter didn't tell me that, and actually i just want the dessert pizza, but as i was told if i would get this free if i made a purchase for a main course, so i ordered lasagna. i guess this waitress was the manager because she took a decision to let me had the free dessert pizza because the lasagna was made and i ordered it not because my fault. but they would just give me the small size of dessert pizza. as i thought it was fair, so i accepted.

so , the main point is I GOT A FREE DESSERT PIZZA here. hahahaha :)
and so sorry to the seems-new waiter. i thought the manager would just mad at him.heheh

Pizza Boutique
Plaza Indonesia Ext. level 4
phone (021) 3199 6655

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Jun Nian (revisit)

heyho! i'm back!
since i was craving for something chinese, suddenly Jun Nian passed through in front of me. (yeah yeah, i was the one who passed through Jun Nian.hehe)
so i thought it's good to make a visit.
and apparently i had ordered some foods. ahahahah

well, this is Ayam Shecuan -half (50K). the taste? ya similar with grill chicken with garlic topping.

this is Tahu bom (38K). it was weird for me. when i order a kind of tahu isi, i am expecting for fried tofu with tasty vegetables filling. and what i got was a fried tofu with unknown-filling. well, it's not unknown. it's mushrooms and prawn cooked with oyster sauce. not salty, not savory, not tasty. -___-

Tongkat mas (48K). don't worry, i was not about to eat gold.hahaha. it's made from taro. :)
not chrunchy yet not too yummy i thought.hehe

what i like the most from this restaurant is their fish dishes. :)
i ordered Gurame Fillet Bumbu Rujak - medium (96K). and i was really not regret! super yummy! :D
crunchy fried fish fillet with spicy and sour sauce. :))

Muntahu Ay Hakka (46K). the taste was more like tasteless. maybe because i love salty food.hehe.

Central Park , Tanjung Duren.
telp. 021- 5698 5589
Jl MH Thamrin Kav 1
West Mall, Level 5, 11 A-B
Jakarta, 10350
+62 21 2358 0647

Jl. Batu Ceper no. 69
Jakarta Pusat

Epicentrum Walk 1st Floor
Jalan HR Rasuna Said
Jakarta, 12960

Food Kulture
Plaza Indonesia Ext. level 5
Central Jakarta

MOI Kelapa Gading Level I B1-3
North Jakarta
Jl.pluit utara raya no 41
North Jakarta


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