Saturday, October 2, 2010

Kafe 12

heyho! since Jakarta was in unstable weather, made me too lazy to get up from my bed. but since i was so so so so in hunger and no food at home, i had no choice. so i went to nearby food court. well, it's kafe 12. it's located in citra garden 2, next to Sport Club and Pizza Hut.
the place is kinda simple, just like outdoor food court. if you come here at night, there is live karaoke here. actually the ones who do it usually senior citizen (we call them acek2.hahaha).
i didn't count how many stalls they have here. some of them still close when i came, maybe they would opened at night.

This is ketoprak (7K). so affordable,isn't it? the taste is pretty nice. for ketoprak, it's quiet tasty and the seasoning was just right. even the portion wasn't too much, but i think it's worth the money. :)

and this is the pempek kapal selam (11K). yeah, so little. the taste was so so. compare to the ketoprak, this is not worth it.hahaha.

actually i also ordered fried mushroom (6 or 7K), but i don't know where the photo is. i think i lost it. sorry. :(
the taste was also just so so. not too special. my mom's fried mushroom is more yummy. maybe someday i'll give you the recipe.hihi. :D

overall, i think this is not too bad for an eatery in a complex of houses.

Kafe 12.
Citra Garden 2 , sebelah Sport Club
Kalideres, Jakarta Barat


Jenz said...

I love this place and our fav here is gado-gado :)

sara said...

you go to this place too? wow. i thought no one knows it.hahaha. :D

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