Sunday, October 31, 2010

Interfood 2010

heyho! do you know what's the hippiest event this year (for me)? yeah. this is it; Interfood 2010 which held on 27-30 October 2010 at JiExpo hall A-B-C-D. :)
what's on there? a lot of fun and yummy things! :D
from pizza, pastries, doughnut, bread, chocolate, cheese, ice cream, until the machine, display, packaging, and many more.

so crowded, huh?

this is one of many baking demo which held by many booths there.

this is a cupcakes display from a booth. so cute! :D

this is one of many machinery booths.

aha! as it was about food, so almost all booths provided tester. and these are some of them.

cappucino! :D

popcorn. :)

this is pastries-making process. :)

this is a display, so we couldn't touch it. it's so cute, huh?

look! there's a korean food booth! yippie! :D
this is what they sold at the korean booth.

ah! i bought this. so yummy!

i bought this at singapore booth. guess the price! only 15K!!!!!! :D
yeah, korea and singapore open their special booths. so big. and not all foods provided were for sale. :(

and this sesame oil only cost 65K!!!

this yummy thing cost 10K only!

this cost 7K.

nah! this is korean chilly sauce for beebimbap! yuhuuu

and i got this for only 6.5K. :D

and this yummy thing for 6K. fyi, this is superb yummy! :D

what's this? it named Tok. you know, for making tokpoki. :)
it made from rice. it's chewy and could be cooked with the chilly sauce. NYUM!

and some booths also gave us recipe!!

well, these are just some part, i didn't take pictures of all things i'd found.
oh, i also bought baking and cooking stuff. the price here was cheaper and had a lot of choices.hehe
oh it's like heaven to me. :D
c u there next year. i promise i'll let you know if there is great event like this. :D


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