Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Cafe Dermaga

Yesterday, i was really craving for mie sakaw! yeah, i used to often eat it when i was in senior high. mie sakaw is one of the favorite menu in Cafe Dermaga in Pantai Mutiara. it's good to came here again. :D
the place is outdoor, and they were having renovation there, so made me a bit uncomfortable.

Mie Sakaw (25K). i love this one so much! the taste was spicy and sour. you may choose the spicy level. i ordered for the 2 level. :) the topping was bean sprouts, caisim, and ayam kecap yang ada bawang bombaynya tapi ga brasa bombaynya.hehe. and they also gave a small bowl of gravy with 2 meatballs as side dish.

this is tahu berontak (26.5K). usually we call it tahu isi. Consisted of 4 deep fried tofu with vegetables and prawn filling. the taste was savory and not salty, not sweet, just savory. the unique thing was the sambel was sambel kacang. it was pretty yummy, but i suggest you, if you want to eat this, would be better if you eat this before the mie sakaw. because rasanya akan kebanting.hehe

Cafe Dermaga
Jl. Pantai Mutiara Blok TA no. 6
Jakarta Utara
Phone (021) 6660 4356 / 6660 435


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