Friday, March 29, 2013

Printemps Manufacturer of Sweets (Food Tasting)

As I told you in the former post, Indonesia's online store in booming lately. This is one example of the new little baby born in this industry: Printemps (pronounce as "prangtong"). Offers cookies and pound cakes, made with the best salt in the worldFleur de sel de Guerandec. The other competitive edge they have is their products. I found "Rose Petal Cookies" funny at first. I mean, we are used to have cookies with dairy or fruit taste. But flower? No, I never tried. Fortunately, dried rose in a cookie turned to be a nice-scented bite. The rose scent wasn't too strong, and I still tasted the butter-cookies-taste in it. My next favorite went to chocolate chips cookies! I know it's a usual product, but cookies always been my fave product. I've tried cookies from almost all cakery and bakery I found. Printemps had soft cookies, which (they claimed) crunchy outside and soft inside. Well, when the sample food came to me, the choco chip cookies wasn't crunchy at all. But no worries, I liked it anyway. Yes, i love soft baked cookies with a little gooey-ness. :)

Rose Petal Cookies : Small (IDR 30K) / Reg (IDR 50K)
Chocolate Chips Cookies: Small (IDR 30K) / Reg (IDR 50K)

More info:
Printemps Manufacturer of Sweets
Facebook : Printemps 
Twitter: @printempsmos

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Rujak Bebeg (Mashed Fruit Mix)

If you ever visit Jakarta, Rujak Bebeg is one of the 'must-try' items. Not only it can pamper my tongue, but also it is healthy. It's made from many kind of fresh fruits which mashed together, added with brown sugar, salt, terasi (fermented shrimp paste). What kind of fruits it contains, you may ask. Well, to be honest, it's up to the seller. The main fruits are bengkuang (yam bean), ubi (sweet potato), jambu air and kedondong. The rest is different between one and another seller.

Where can I find it? 
The seller is nomaden. They move from one place to another place. So you cannot looking for them. You wait for them passing in front of you. The one in my images can be found around Green Garden area, West Jakarta.

How does it taste?
Sweetness from brown sugar combined with sourness of fresh fruits and spiciness from chili (adjustable). 

It depends on the seller. This one is IDR 5K. I once found smaller portion with IDR 3.5K. (early 2013)

So when you find a Rujak Bebeg seller around you, do not hesitate to try. Go get a life! ;)


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