Saturday, October 2, 2010

mie lotus (revisit)

As somebody suggested me to try their mie jawa, so was kinda wanna try it, but unfortunately, they were running out of noodle since i came at almost their close time. so i tried their kwetiaw goreng jawa (20K). and you know what? until now i still regret why i don't order the kwetiaw terasi.huhu. maybe it's just kinda people's taste. for me, this is not spicy enough.hehehe. too similar with mie tek-tek in front of my house (you should try it too. it's very yummy yet very affordable!) , well, but this one has more various compounds.

oh and this is bihoon terasi (20K). it's medan bihoon. with vegetables, fish-balls, prawn-balls, prawn, tomato, and terasiii! wihiii! :D

Lotus Mie Udang Singapore
Komplek Karina Sayang II/B5
Jembatan III, Jakarta


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