Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Rice Bowl

Well, i was about so hungry hungry and hungry. and suddenly, i has just passed through Rice Bowl.
since the place is almost always full, so i thought why i shouldn't give a shot. :D

Thai Chicken Rice Bowl (22.9K). the bowl was BIG. the rice was just half full, and the chicken was few. hahaha. don't worry, the taste was okay. we can call it : layak dimakan. hahaha. it's breaded small pieces chicken fillet cooked with hot sour sauce. NYUM!

Yang Chou Fried Chicken (23.9K). don't worry! fried rice is almost never go wrong.hahaha.
this was more like hongkong fried rice i guess. without soy sauce. and this smelled so good - smoked meat smell-.

Ice Lemon Tea (9.9K) is also the one which never go wrong. :)

overall it's pretty worth to eat. the portion was not too much but i'm pretty full. :)


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