Wednesday, December 25, 2013

The Smell of Yummy Christmas

Heyho Readers! 

Lots of my firsts came in this year. Without noticing much, this year is nearly passed. A bitter sweet year of mine reminds me of a chocolate cake. It's dark, sweet, lovely, and makes me craving for more. :) 
I also can't hide my excitements for next year. I've been planning tons of resolutions though. A little secret, I'm planning to resign from the company I'm working for. Hopefully I could create something better in future.

Thank you for keep reading my blog during this awesome 2013. See you in 2014. 
At last, have a yummy Christmas and scrumptious New Year! Keep eating, stay awesome! 


Sara Rozelina
Author of

This is a cake from Dapur Cokelat 

Monday, December 23, 2013

Marutama Ramen : The Rise of Japanese Ramen

Ramen shop is everywhere now. But I do remember, Marutama Ramen as the pioneer of authentic ramen shop in Jakarta. Last week I made a visit to their outlet in EX - Plaza Indonesia. I love the ambience; private, calm, and earthy. Even located among other shops in the middle of the building, they still have interesting view, which is bowling alley. So don’t worry if you go alone, you still can watch people playing bowling and shout “wow” when they do strike. Never find a restaurant with this kind of view before. 

Boiled Gyoza was my first dish. Gyoza is Japanese dumpling. Available in two choices: pork and chicken. You also can choose how you want it to be cooked; boiled or fried. The gyoza came with special house made sauce, made from vinegar and soy sauce. Tasted a little strange to me. The vinegar was too strong, ruined the gyoza’s natural charm. Maybe next time I’ll ask them to serve the sauce separately. 
Boiled Gyoza

Second dish I tried was Tamago Ramen (IDR 66k). This is their new menu. Well, not literally new, but they just created a new package. Before, you could order Marutama Ramen with tamago (marinated half boiled egg). Now, because of a lot of request, they allow you to order Tamago Ramen, and get the exact dish. Fun fact: here you can have all you can eat noodle, as long as you still have the broth. Don’t worry, the ramen come in a big size. A little truth about the broth, it is chicken broth, made fresh everyday. The spoke person said they need 30 kilos of chicken bones and more than 5 hours to cook the delicious rich broth. This broth is used for all ramen and menu. They call it toripaitan. That’s what makes Marutama different with others. So if you don’t eat pork, you still can dine here and order chicken, because you are always allowed to choose chicken or pork for the topping. Not enough? You also may order for extra topping with extra charge too. Enough with the information. Now my turn to share my opinion. I loved it! The broth was so rich and thick with perfect amount of seasoning. It was the hero of the dish. The tamago was beautifully cooked. Need a whole night to marinate the egg before served to customer. The ramen itself was silky and perfectly boiled. I’m not surprised that it was a homemade ramen. Yes, they made the ramen in their main kitchen and distribute to all of their branches everyday.
Tamago Ramen - IDR 66K 

Tamago Ramen - IDR 66K 

Marutama is still one of my favorite ramen in Jakarta. What about yours? Tweet me. (@yummyfordummy) 
Marutama Ramen
EX- Plaza Indonesia 2nd floor #20
P: 021‐316 0705
F: 021‐315 1874
Operation hours:
Sunday – Thursday : 11.30 am – 11.15 pm

Friday – Saturday : 11.30 am – 12.00 pm

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Sizzling Brownie to Sizzle Your Sweettooth - Fat Burger

Among many burgers joint in Jakarta, Fat Burger successfully caught my eyes. Used to be located at 5th floor of Plaza Indonesia, now they move into a new nicer place; LG floor, still in the same building. Fun fact: they have classic-look jukebox where you can order your favorite songs for FREE. Yes, it’s free! I tried to order some songs then happily ate my meal while listening. It’s fun.

Offering juicy meat and delicious big size burger, now they proudly present you a new dessert. I found it very creative and inspiring. Sizzling Brownie it is. From the name, you might guess it is a brownie in a hot plat. Then yes, you’re right. This is how they served the tempting Sizzling Brownie: a brownie on a hot plate and vanilla ice cream on top, with the chocolate sauce poured onto them so the sauce will sizzle all the way.

Felt like a sweet dream to me. The moist rich chocolate brownie with cold and milky vanilla ice cream plus melted chocolate sauce gave a superb sensation to my palate. My sweet teeth were truly entertained. For you who don’t like sweet, you might find it too sweet. But you like me, so you definitely love sweetness. See you around, sweet heart! ;)

Fat Burger
Address: Plaza Indonesia
Jl. MH. Thamrin No. 28 – 30
Central Jakarta
Phone:(021) 3107584
Store Hours: Sun-Sat 10am-10pm

Plaza Senayan Food Court 
3th Fl, #339 Jl
Asia Afrika No. 8

South Jakarta

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Paradise Inn : The Paradise for Your Buds

Paradise Inn is a second line of Paradise Dynasty. Opened their first outlet in Indonesia at Plaza Indonesia. FYI, Paradise Inn is a franchise from Singapore, brought to Indonesia by Boga Group. The room is decorated with Chinese theme and traditional Chinese song played, felt like I was in Shanghai.

Chinese food is famous of its traditional spices that good for health. Traditional Double Boiled Chicken with Spare Ribs and Ginseng (Rp. 45.000/portion or Rp. 158.000/pot) was my choice as opening dish to tickle my buds. To be honest, I didn’t expect the dish to be super delicious because, well, you know, traditional spices usually taste strange. But out of my expectation, this dish was so tasty. The broth was so rich, made from chicken stock with double boiling way. First they boiled the stock, and then they steam it. That’s why the chicken and pork meat were so soft. Delish!

Traditional Double Boiled Chicken with Spare Ribs and Ginseng (Rp. 45.000/portion or Rp. 158.000/pot) 

This wasn’t my first visit. I used to come with my family, and my mom always orders Hotplate Tofu with Preserved ‘Cai Xin’ and Minced Pork (Rp.48.000 for small size and Rp. 68.000 for medium size). I have to admit it also one of my favorite dishes in Paradise Inn (the other one is Imperial Pork Ribs). I loved the homemade tofu, so soft, mild and felt nice. Very easy to digest but solid enough to give a soft touch in your mouth. Ah, new idea. Someday if I get a toothache, I’ll eat Paradise Inn’s tofu instead of porridge. Lol. Anyway, the sauce went well with the tofu. Tasted savory and salty. 
Hotplate Tofu with Preserved ‘Cai Xin’ and Minced Pork (Rp.48.000 for small size and Rp. 68.000 for medium size)

Who doesn’t like coconut pudding? Paradise Inn made their Coconut Pudding (Rp. 42.000) everyday from a real Thai coconut. Enough said, I had no doubt about this fact, the taste spoke itself. Lemongrass Jelly with  Lemonade (Rp. 25.000) was also a good deal. Refresh my mind and belly, as if I’m ready again for another round. No, I’m kidding. I was full enough, but literally refreshed. Apparently lemonade is a good companion for a jelly. Nice touch.
 Coconut Pudding (Rp. 42.000)-back and Lemongrass Jelly with  Lemonade (Rp. 25.000)-front

Paradise Inn
Plaza Indonesia Level Basement Unit 25-27A
Ph. 021-2992 3848
Fax. 021-2992 3849

Business Hours : 10 am - 10pm (daily)

Twitter : @ParadiseIndo

Facebook : Paradise Inn Jakarta

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Sunday, November 3, 2013

Pancious - Perfectly Homemade

I remember when Pancious opened their first outlet in Permata Hijau area was a big hip. Now they already have more 10 outlets in Jakarta, Bandung and Surabaya. I love the ambiance of Pancious' outlets. The decoration dominated with white and red, with sofas everywhere made the customers comfy. The place is perfect for all occasion from hang out with friends, dating, family gathering, or even a business meeting, maybe that's why Pancious is always crowded. 

Blueberry Cheese Pancake (Rp. 43.500 for single and Rp. 62.500 for double). To be honest, I'm not a fan of vanilla ice cream. But this one was an exception. The homemade ice cream was milky yet light enough as a vanilla ice cream. The pancake wasn't too sweet. The blueberry cheese sauce was so good. Sweet and sour, mixed with milky vanilla ice cream to flavor up the pancake. 
Blueberry Cheese Pancake

Blackpepper Meatball Pasta (Rp.65.000) was the highlight of that day. Served with creamy sauce, but tasted light enough that I could finish it all in less than 15 minutes. Homemade meatball was made from minced beef. A little too dry, but went well with the creamy sauce. Extra sausage was also a homemade and made the dish taste even better. A perfect shot of blackpepper made everyone can eat it.
Blackpepper Meatball Pasta (Rp.65.000)

My heart fallen for Fresh Fruit Ice Tea Cocktail (Rp. 52.000). Made from fresh mango juice and tea, with diamond cut strawberry, mango, apple, and kiwi. I think the drink was good as dessert too. Came in a huge glass bottle, the portion was enough for 2-4 persons. 
Fresh Fruit Ice Tea Cocktail (Rp. 52.000)

If you notice, almost all the menu in Pancious are homemade and no preservatives or any other chemical thing. Glad to know it, and don't you wish to find other food taste like theirs. Other good thing is, they serve breakfast menu all day. :)

Plaza Indonesia Level 5 Unit E06 – E08
Jl. M.H. Thamrin Kav 28 – 30
Jakarta 10350
Phone: (021) 29924808

Opening Hours:
Sunday – Thursday: 10am – 10 pm
Friday – Saturday: 10am – 12 pm

Twitter : @panciouspancake

Facebook : Pancious Pancake House

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Sunday, October 13, 2013

Nasi Ayam Bu Oki

On a vacation trip, it's a must to try local food, don't you agree? Suggested by the driver I hired for few days in Bali, after having fun at Tanjung Benoa, he took me to Nasi Ayam Bu Oki. I heard the name for quiet some times before. Ah, it's a famous thing. 

Located near Santika Hotel Nusa Dua, the place looked so simple but never empty. People just kept coming even it already 2 hours passed from lunch time. The first thing the waiter asked was the level of spiciness. I ordered medium. Apparently they already had one set of dishes so you don't need to choose, but it also open for your preference. 

Here is the picture of my plate. 

Nasi Ayam Bu Oki

One set of dish consisted of rice, fried chicken, ayam suwir (pulled out chicken), lawar ( in Indonesian we called it as urap khas Bali. Basically, vegetables - usually bean sprout and long beans - mixed with shredded coconut), telur pindang (egg boiled with soy sauce stock), sate lilit (fish satay). I love the sate lilit that I ordered more. It costed me IDR 2K for 1 sate lilit. All the side dishes were so good, I finished them all in less than 10 minutes! 

Cooked by native Bali, the dishes was rich of spice. Worth a try! 

Tips: Order for more sate lilit
Price : Less than IDR 20K (I forgot the precise price)
Payment: Cash only

Nasi Ayam Ibu Oki
Jl. Celagi Basur
Perumahan Puri Jimbaran, belokan di Jl. Raya Uluwatu
Jimbaran, Bali
T. (0361) 805 2059

Sunday, September 15, 2013

[Food Tasting] Shang Palace: "Tea Wonders" Sensation

I was pretty amazed when I know we could eat alcohol (if you haven't read, you read my post here). Then I found out that we also could eat tea. Yes, tea. Amazing, right? 

Apparently, using tea leaves for cooking is not something new. Chinese people usually use tea leaves as cooking ingredients. Chef Benson Fok, yes he's a chinese too, prepared some delicious tea-infused menus for you to try. Please welcome, Tea Wonders. This menu only available during September. 

Tea Wonders consists of :
  • Braised Bo Lei Duck - Rp. 68,000++/portion
  • Stir-Fried Phoenix Prawn with Long Jin Tea Leaf - Rp. 98,000++/portion
  • Lamb Chop with Golden Phoenix Tea - Rp. 88,000++/portion
  • Steamed Bai Ling Mushroom and Seafood with Rain Flower Tea Sauce - Rp. 78,000++/portion
  • Glutinous Rice and Fish Cooked with Yellow Treasure Flower - Rp. 58,000++/portion
  • Steamed Tomato Stuffed with Assorted Vegetables with Dongding Oolong Sauce - Rp. 58,000++/portion
  • Stir-Fried Lotus Root, Water Chesnut, Lily Bud and Pumpkin - Rp. 68,000++/portion
  • Chilled Red Tea Jelly with Chinese Pear and Pipa - Rp. 58,000++/portion
I hadn't tried all of them, because part of me insisted to try the regular menu too. :p

Menu that day

Corn and Crab Soup 
Corn and crab soup wasn't part of Tea Wonders. But as it was a good dish to giggle my appetite, it was (actually) a good choice. So bad, due to my allergic to crab, I had no guts to try. Poor poor me. 

Braised Bo Lei Duck
Ms. Agnes - manager of Shang Palace - said Bo Lei was a type of tea. Bo Lei had similar taste with Pu-Erh, but they're definitely different. To be honest, I'm not a big fan of duck, but I do eat one slice, so I tried one more, more. This was one of the best duck dish I ever met. Nice sweet savory sauce, juicy and well cooked duck meat. Apparently the chef really knows how to cook duck. 

Lamb Chop with Golden Phoenix Tea
Have I ever mentioned that I can't stand of lamb? If not, now you get it. 
I tried for some times, but my sense of smell was just too strong. Nah, lets talk about this one. To be honest, it was well-spiced. I didn't know how the chef cook it, but he succeeded to reduce the lamb-smell. This dish came with scrambled white egg and yummy sauce. I guess there's a tea ingredient in the sauce. The scrambled white egg was magnificent. Absolutely love it. :)

Steamed Bai Ling Mushroom and Seafood with Rain Flower Tea Sauce
Steamed scallop and prawn plated with Bai Ling Mushroom was nice. I am a big fan of prawn, and prawn never goes wrong with anything. :p
The sauce was mild. Actually i was hoping for stronger sauce because the scallop-prawn-mushroom need to be highlighted. 

Glutinous Rice and Fish Cooked with Yellow Treasure Flower
This dish looked similar with Lo Mai Kai, glutinous rice with meat that wrapped in lotus leaf. And I wasn't wrong. They tasted similar too. The difference was the presentation and additional ingredients. Lo Mai Kai didn't use bamboo bowl. Glutinous Rice and Fish Cooked with Yellow Treasure Flower had a 2x2cm piece of fish on the top. I assumed it was snapper fish. The glutinous rice was sticky and tasteful. I found little fiber appeared in the glutinous rice, and thought it was coconut until Mrs. Jajan asked the waiter and the waiter asked the chef and we found out that it was CRAB. Oh, crab! (As I told you I am allergic to crab)
The good news is there was no symptom of allergy later on. Fiuh. Am I crab-immuned already?  Maybe I am. I was a little regret that I didn't eat the corn and crab soup. :p

Chef’s Special Stewed Pork Rib served with Chinese Bread 
When I asked about what are their recommendation, Joris (Digital Marketing Manager) and Felicia (Marcom) said this stewed pork ribs, then we agreed to order. And none of us regret! The stewed pork ribs was soooooo tender and no pork-smell at all (that's my main consideration of ordering pork in a restaurant). The sauce was also perfect and joyful. So when I put the ribs' meat in the bread, it was heaven! (I'm drooling now)
Love the texture and taste combination. Good job chef! Hats off! ;)

Chilled Red Tea Jelly with Chinese Pear and Pipa
Back to Tea Wonders, here was the only dessert of the series. I watched how to make this pear in Masterchef US and was amazed and confuse at the same time. It's pretty hard for me.:p First you must peel the pear, then make a big hole in the middle where the seed and core are there. No worries, here you can enjoy the pear effortless. The dessert wasn't sweet, more in to plain and pipa taste. Good dessert to finish the dinner. To be honest, I didn't know what is pipa. But as we talked about it, the taste reminds us with one of cough syrup, and we assumed pipa was a kind of chinese herb that also used to make cough syrup. I did some small research and got some endorsement for our "theory". lol
Anyhow, the conclusion was this dessert was healthy. ;)

Psssttt.. they also have dimsum menu available everyday until 2.30pm, and all you can eat dimsum also available on weekend at IDR 188,000++. Will try that soon! 

Shang Palace 

Shangrila Hotel Jakarta
Kota BNI, Jl. Jend. Sudirman kav 1, Central Jakarta
Ph. (62 21) 2922 9999
Fax. (62 21) 2922 9900
Twitter : @ShangrilaJKT
Facebook : Shangrila Jakarta
Instagran : @ShangrilaJKT

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Lady Eve Pattiserie (Product Tasting)

I admit that I have a huge sweet tooth. I love chocolate, cakes, candies, cookies, brownies, and other sweets. You have no idea how much glucose I consume every single day. But still, nothing can stop me. :p

Brownies has been a familiar food in Indonesia lately. For the last few years, it even been one of most hunted products in Bandung, created image of affordable and unexclusive. Finding 'serious brownies' is even harder than I thought.  Glad that I found one. Lady Eve Pattiserie; founded just few months ago, committed to create a literally serious brownies. Using high quality ingredients that deliver the best taste and perfect texture. What's the different, you may ask. Let me answer. All of their products comes up with luscious filling concept and made from couverture. The result? Don't ask, I'm busy eating them all. 

Come with a fashionable black and pink box, Salted Caramel Brownies is one of my favorites. Salty chocolate inside balanced the dark rich chocolate brownie. They suggested to reheat the dish 30 minutes in microwave, but I prefer the cold one so I can munch the filling. Sorry for ruining the melted filling concept, but I like it this way. :p
Salted Caramel Brownies

Need something fresher? Here is the answer. Apple Crumble Brownies. Yes, it's brownies with cinnamon filling and caramelized apple + crumble on top. Shame on you, pie. Now apple has new accompany. ;)
Apple Crumble Briownies

To get these marvelous bites, all you have to do is call them or mention them on twitter or drop them email or message on facebook/email. Anything suits you best. IDR 100K is enough to let them pass one box of brownies to your hand. Pssst.. delivery charge applied. Ask them for the delivery charge info. 

More flavors from Lady Eve Pattiserie:
1. Brandy - Black Forest Brownies Dark Chocolate cream filling with dark cherry infused in cherry brandy  
2. Rum - Raisin Brownies Chocolate cream filling with California raisin infused in rum
3. Irish - Coffee Cream Brownies Milk chocolate  filling mix with butter and Irish Cream   
4. Salted Caramel Brownies sea salt caramel and milk chocolate cream filling 
5. Vanilla Crème Brulee Brownies French classic dessert with combination  vanilla Madagascar  and caramel 
6. Milk Chocolate Truffle Brownies Classic Creamy and  velvety Chocolate cream
7. Raspberry Cream Cheese Brownies Mixture of selected Raspberry fruit reduction and cream cheese 
8. Passion fruit Cream Cheese Brownies Mixture of selected passion fruit reduction and cream cheese 
9. American Cheese Cake Brownies Famously American cheese cake base filling with mild flavor of lemon
10. Apple Crumble Brownies Apple and cinnamon filling with  crumble on top

Lady Eve Pattiserie
Twitter: @ladyevebrownies
Facebook : Lady Eve Pattiserie
Phone : 081281813201 / 02193366688
Email :

Monday, September 2, 2013

Aloha! Welcome to Hawaiian Bistro

If you walk down the PIK area to have lunch or dinner or just hanging out, you sure have a lot of choices. Hundreds of restaurant approaching their potential customer with various ways; unique concept, unique food, unique design, etc. 
Let me present you one of restaurant that catch my eyes; Hawaiian Bistro. Located in the corner, the good news is beside good food and good place, it also has good parking lot. Since PIK is not a place you can go without your own vehicle, parking lot become something very crucial. It seemed more vacant, even always be full every weekend, but still acceptable. Big YAY. :)

"How is Hawaiian food look like?", you might ask. According to the chef (who is a native Hawaiian), most of native people in Hawaii is Asian. That's why the food is much influenced by Asian. So don't be surprised if many rice ingredient in the Hawaiian recipe.

It was a sunny day. I wanted something simple and yet refreshing at the same time. My choice was perfect; Lychee Ice Tea. Based from some information I learnt lately, I could say they used black tea as the base, with lychee syrup as additional flavor. Love the presentation. Simple yet sweet. 
Lychee Ice Tea

Hot sun had burnt my energy. I needed food immediately. Hah! I got the answer to my prayer. Lolo Shrimp Wrap looked interesting. Remind me of my childhood favorite appetizer; deep fried sausage rolled with noodle. But this time is prawn; bigger and (look) more mature. :p
Lolo Shrimp Wrap - IDR 38K

Getting bored with sushi roll with salmon? They have Spam Musubi (sushi rolled with spam). If you don't eat spam, don't you worry, they also have other choice: BBQ chicken and chicken katsu. 
Spam Musubi - IDR 22K

 I believe you already familiar with popcorn chicken. If you love it, then you'll love this even more. Mahaka Mochiko Chicken is basically BBQ seasoned popcorn chicken. 
Mahaka Mochiko Chicken (IDR 32K)

 Bistro Bento is my favorite of all, because it contained almost all the best dishes here. Spam, fried dory, BBQ fried chicken (this is sooo goood), and BBQ grill. Happy tummy, happy day. ;)
Bistro Bento (IDR 72K)

 Loco Moco was one of the top dish. Rice woth hamburg beef and sunny side egg, plus brown gravy. Well-seasoned, perfect portion. My mom's fave. :) 

Loco Moco - IDR 65K

Another star brought by Hawaiian Bistro: BBQ Mix. Thin sliced beef, pork, and chicken. Love the flavor and texture. I could lick the the plate until nothing left. If you don't eat pork, just tell the waiter and they will happily change the pork into chicken or beef.  
BBQ Mix (IDR 69K)

Coffee Jelly was a nice closing of the lunch. Coffee jelly with vanilla ice cream and kahlua. I wasn't a big fan of coffee and vanilla. But this one was an exception. Fresh and sweet vanilla ice cream bumped along to bitter coffee jelly. Suprisingly, i loved it.  
Coffee Jelly (IDR 25K)

Who doesn't love shaved ice? Me not. Hot sunny day was a perfect reason to have a glassful shaved ice with ice cream and tutti frutti syrup. 

Overall, I loved the food and ambiance. Price was definitely worth it. In fact, I've been coming back for some times. ;)

Hawaiian Bistro
Rukan Garden House A25
Pantai Indah Kapuk
Jakarta, Indonesia 10620
Opening Hour (Jam Buka): Senin-Minggu 11:00 am – 11:00 pm
Phone: (021) 29033185

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