Saturday, October 2, 2010

Pizza Bar

Pizza Bar is one of tenants at Food Studio Senayan City. first, i just needed to sit down for a while, then i went to food studio, but seemed so weird without any food on the table, so i looked around and i found this. they served pizza, pasta, french fries, and similar kinda food.

This is Ice Strawberry Pizza (14.5K). because they were running out of the choco ice cream, so i tried the strawberry one, and it worked! this is yummy. hihi. the pizza was thin and crispy. the choco paste wasn't too sweet and the ice cream wasn't too creamy and light yet refreshing. i had no regret for ordering it, except for the size of ice cream scoop. it's too small! :D

This is Chicken Crispy Pizza (14.5K). the pizza was just the same like the former i've told you. the topping was pretty good; simple and light. as i wasn't hungry and just needed some food as company, this was a good choice for me. even the chicken was too few for me.hahaha

and this one is bolognaise french fries (15K). just an ordinary french fries served with bolognaise sauce which is usually served with pasta. actually the french fries was just okay. crunchy, not salty, a bit savory. it's already eatable. seemed like the sauce had no effect.

overall these was okay. but i think the price is really worth it. :D

Food Studio
Senayan CIty #5 Floor
Jl. Asia Afrika Lot 19, Senayan
Jakarta Selatan


Karen said...

I love the idea of a dessert pizza! Looks yummy!

sara said...

yeah they are! ;D

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