Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Yaudah Bistro

After long time no eat Germany dishes, I thought it's good to have one. Yaudah Bistro is a catchy name. Once my friend told me about it and I just remember that name until then. People said it was much 'friendly' than Paulaner. Upon my curiosity, I put this name on my wish list. And I made it!
At first, I didn't even notice the place for they don't put a signage in front. So I was stray for a while. :'(
The ambience here wasn't like a bistro, I guess. (or maybe Germany bistro is like this? I don't know). More like garage and terrace with table everywhere. With no AC, it felt like pretty hot in there. Fortunately I came at 7pm, so it wasn't too hot. But it was more late more crowd. At 8pm it was pretty full and yeah it's hot.

After caught in the middle of hunger and confused to choose, finally I ordered this Hickory Ham Steak (42.5K). It was a griddle fried 200gr ham, served with homemade cabbage salad (that's what we called sauerkraut) and one side dish which I chose hashbrown.
The ham itself was very loveable. I loved it. It was tender and juicy. Very easy on teeth. Tasted savory and a bit salty.

Beef Farmer Bratwurst (37.5K). Actually you may choose chicken, pork or beef. But I chose beef as I already ordered for something pork. :)
Anyway, I was pretty satisfied with my choice. It was 180gr charchoal grilled Coarse German Bratwurst topped with onion sauce and served with one side dish, which I chose french fries.
The bratwurst was a bit crunchy outside and juicy inside. Me love it. The french fries was out of my expectation. Gosh! It was too much for me. I got full after eat them all. lol.
The onion sauce didn't give any influence, I thought.

Pork Knuckle (175K). Hoaaah. This was the king. It was grilled knuckle, about 1,5kg (huge,huh?). To had this, it took approx 1,5hour to prepare. So I ordered it by phone, before I went there. And still, this was the last this came out. lol.
The knuckle was pretty good. Crunchy outside, but need a lot of effort to cut it. When I was give up, I asked the waitress to cut it for me, so she helped me. Thank you a bunch, now I could easily eat. *grin*
Tasted only salty and pork-smelly.
Anyway, it came up with a special mustard, which I believed contain some kind of berry because it taste a bit sweet, sour and berry-smelly. Which helped a lot, because I couldn't stand of the pork-smelly. So this mustard was good enough enough to cover all the fragrant I didn't like.
And also there was a big bowl full of boiled potato. I couldn't eat all of these all. Geez. I was full. So I took home the rest.

Overall, I was satisfied with the food. It was very worth it. I think I will come again some day. So see you around! :)

Yaudah Bistro
Jl. Johar no. 15, Gondangdia

Monday, August 29, 2011

Buka Bareng Blogger - Jun Njan (Grand Indonesia Ramadhan Rhapsody)

Hola everybody. Sorry for long waiting, have a bunch of things to do. :(
Anyway, after Katsusei, Grand Indonesia invited me again to their break fasting dinner at Jun Njan. Actually I've been here twice. You may see this is my first visit and this is my second visit. So I had tried some of their this, and for me they were pretty good.

This is Mr. Bobby. He's the owner of Jun Njan. As I heard, Jun Njan has been existed since 1960s. Cool! They were just a hawker stall. And now they have been developed and opened a lot of branches. Their headquarter is in Batu Ceper.

This is Jun Njan's chefs. They were about to show us how to make lobster salad. Sssst. It's their new dish. They even haven't put it on the menu. So we're first ones to try this. We were so excited!

Look at the lobster! They would be in me in minutes. Muahaha.
According to the chef, this was bamboo lobster. They use this kind of lobster because it's easier to find in Jakarta and the meat taste good. To cook this lobster, they steamed in for approximately 10 minutes.

First, mix lychee, slices of lobster's meat, mayo.

Voila! The Lobster Salad is done. Yuhuuu!

As we were about 20 people, so each person only got this few. :'(
But it was nice. I love how sweetness of lychee really kicked my appetite. Unfortunately, I even almost couldn't taste the lobster's meat. Maybe the lychee and mayo were too strong. But the lettuce was very fresh and crunchy.

Do you know what is it? It is tea. And it is used for wash your hand after eating boiled shrimp! In Indonesia, we usually call it as air kobokan. It is called konokan because we dip our hand into the water in order to clean our hands. Usually it is just water and lime. This was my first time to see tea as air kobokan. :p
According to Mrs. Afung (Mr. Bobby's mother), they use tea in order to clean all the oil in our hand.
Hoaaaaa. Boiled shrimp!

The one in red shirt is Mrs. Afung. She was very kind and friendly. She also taught us the right step of peeling shrimp. :D

Just for fun, there was peeling shrimp competition! The winner was the highest number of shrimp peeled. And we got the winner. She got 5 perfect peeled shrimp in 1 minute. Congrats!

Time to eat! This was Seafood Fried Rice. I loved the rice for it was a bit soft. But my friends didn't like that way. Anyway, the taste was pretty good. I guess nothing could go wrong with fried rice.

Then we got Black Pepper Beef. Unfortunately, the beef was too hard to chew. The owner said, the beef that day was not too good. Different with the usual. But the seasoning was good and strong enough. I could feel the pepper but still could it without rice.

JunNjan Fried Squid. I once post it on my posting. And my comment is still the same. It was good, soft, and not chewy. I love it that way. The seasoning was also balance and okay. Very savory and smell good too.

Braised Soft Tofu with Jun Njan Sauce. I also had tried it before. And I'm still love it. The sauce was very soft. But unfortunately, the other dishes had strong taste, so when I got this, I almost think it was almost tasteless. But it's also good for refreshment. Can you imagine if all the dishes had strong taste? And all the taste would fight in my mouth.

Fried Prawn with Salted Egg Yolk. First this came, I was like WOW. It smelled extremely nyum! Anyway, it tasted nice. Savory and salty. But for me, the prawn skin was pretty annoying. I couldn't eat it for it was too hard. But also too troublesome to peel first. Plus, it's wasting to peel the prawn shrimp, because the salted egg yolk (main season) was in outer part of the skin.
Ah, I don't like the sensation of eating prawn skin. Doh!

Deep Fried Carp with Sweet and Sour Sauce. I also ever tasted it before and I loved it. For me, it tasted very nice. The sweetness and the sourness were balance. If you quickly eat it before it got cold, you also may get the crunchiness of the deep fried carp. NYUM! I want some more. :9

Fried Chicken with Butter Sauce. I didn't know whether this was one of their recommended dish or not. But I'm not recommend it anyway. For me, the other dishes above were much greater than this one. :)
The chicken wasn't crunchy. Well, the sauce was savory and not bad. But I still prefer the other dishes. I felt nothing special in this dish.

Ice Fruity Cream. Hoaaaah. I was full already, but there's always a place for dessert! Yeiy!
They called it ice fruity cream, but I didn't found any creamy thing here. I thought it was coconut milk with shaved ice and some fruits ( I forgot what they were). Not bad. As it looked heavy, but it was pretty light to eat. Not too sweet.

Overall I loved the experience of dining here.
Moreover, I got the goodie bag again. Almost the same with the Katsusei one, I got my photo printed and a mini bag, a tumblr, and vouchers. Yeiy! Sssstt. I also got Jun Njan voucher value 100,000 IDR. :D

I got a lot of fun. Big thanks to Grand Indonesia and Jun Njan. See you on the next event! :D

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Buka Bareng Blogger - Katsusei (Grand Indonesia Ramadhan Rhapsody)

I often went to malls and found Katsusei signboard. To be honest, I was pretty curious to come in. But there's always reason not to. As I know, Katsusei is the first restaurant in Jakarta that give you a different experience of katsu dining. They have special spice. Fortunately, this Ramadhan month, Grand Indonesia came up with series of events called Ramadhan Rhapsody. The event itself is held from 6th August to 6th Sept 2011,with a lot of special events like Ramadhan Fashion Week (14 designers showed their latest collection), Bedug Special Show (I heard there were 32 cool drummers from bands played 14 drums together), Ramadhan Kids Activity, A Musical Show: The desert dream - A journey to Middle East Secret, Middle East Dance, Ramadhan Food Festival and sweepstakes for G-Shopper Rewards.
Grand Indonesia also held 3 bloggers break fasting dinners, in Tairyo, Katsusei and Jun Njan. Can't you imagine, 3 different oriental foods in a row. Wooh!
Fortunately, I got the Katsusei one. As I always eager to try their cutlets, so I was so happy. :)

First I came, we took picture in front of main entrance (there was a kinda backdrop to take pictures), then we got a seat and they serve this sweet warm tea. Well, actually this was for break fasting, so our stomach didn't shock before we eat solid food. Anyway, I am not an expert in tea. So I wouldn't say anything about the tea. For me, it tasted nice. Not too aqueous and not too thick.

This was our menu that day. I was so excited! :D

Katsusei is so Japanese. They don't provide tajil. But for us, (as it was a break fasting dinner), they made it!! Wohooo! They're so kind, right? :))
The tajil contained banana, jackfruit, and palm seeds. Combined with coconut milk and palm sugar. Slurp!

Left- Mr. Adhi Tawakal (PR of Grand Indonesia) and Manager of Katsusei. They talked about the history of katsu. Cool!

While listening to the talks, we got edamame. The edamame was cold. But pretty good to tickle our appetite.

Look! First I saw this, I was very curious what it is and function.

Meet Ms. Nuniek! She's representative from (partner of Grand Indonesia in this event). She was so smart and friendly.

Chef Erwin from Toranomon (Katsusei sister brand in Ilham Putra Wicaksana) was about to share his knowledge to us about wagyu. I was soooooo excited. I thought I'm gonna be smarter after this dinner. lol

Word "wagyu" come from "wa" which means Japan and "gyu" means beef. Literally, wagyu means Japanese beef. First developed in Japan, but nowadays, usually the cow bred in Australia, USA, and New Zealand. What makes them different from another beef is the cow is live to relax. Seriously, I even got jealous with their The only eat, drink (sometimes beer), and got massages. No working. That's why their meat is flexible, tender, and fatty. They got massage in order to balancing their fat through all over their body. Maybe my owners must get one, so their fat not only settled on me (their tummy). lol.

These are some part of wagyu. Wagyu is the recommended menu in Toranomon. As wagyu is a good quality of beef, they don't need extreme spice for seasoning. Hey, their gave us some tips. To decrease the smell of beef, you just need to put sesame, black pepper, and salt.

Eating time!! I was so happy. muahahaha. First appertizer was Chawan Mushi. I loved it. It was sooooooooo soft. They put prawn and mushroom in it. Felt like I found treasures while digging the egg. lol.

Agedashi Tofu. I believe they made the tofu with special recipe. It was so good! The tofu was so soft and tasted savory. The sauce also nice, not too strong, but that's why i like it.

Look. This was the wagyu shown before. Now they had turned to be grill wagyu and ready to be eaten. Yeah!
Wagyu beef has 12 grade. And this one was 9 grade. Damn! So good! Now I could say another beef is not good just because I had tasted this. FYI, this 9 grade wagyu costs about 600K IDR per kilo. Hmmm...

Original Udon. To be honest, I love the texture. Not too chewy, so suitable for us whose getting tired after work whole day. Unfortunately, the broth was too salty for me. :(
Anyway, I was pretty amazed at their boiled egg. The yolk's texture was very very soft and tender. I believe they have a trick. :)

In Indonesia, we called it 'ulekan'. Wahahaha. This is like bowl and a wood, the function is to destrot the sesame. As written above, sesame is one of powerful seasoning. You'll found the purpose of this sesame later.

This was a special sauce for katsu. Only available in Katsusei. According to the manager, there's no other restaurant has this sauce. I was very curious how it tasted.

Katsu Platter. You may not find this dish on menu. All of these dishes were exclusively adjusted for us in this event. So the other dishes has been decreased in size, so we could tried a lot of dishes. This katsu wasn't get anything decreased, but we got chicken, beef, scallop and shrimp in one plate! Yuhuuu. Just for fun, I'd like to make a list from the one I love the most to the least: Chicken, scallop, shrimp, beef.
Maybe beef wasn't made to be fried. It's better to be grilled. The beef was a bit hard and tasteless. :|
The chicken was very good. Savory and juicy. Especially when I dip it into the sauce. Wooow!
The scallop was also nice.
I usually love shrimp, but I don't know, maybe because I ate it for the latest one, so I got already full. As all of these cutlets had the same ingredients for the fried dough, they tasted almost the same. The difference is only the texture of the meat.
Overall, I love these cutlets. Just the portion, after all the appetizers and udon, was too much for me.

They called it Houjicha. It was tea. Tasted a bit bitter. They said, it was useful to dispose the fat (from the former fried cutlets).

Olala! Dessert time. Hey, I love their mango pudding. I wish I could take it home too. :p
Tasted so fluffy and a bit sour, brought refreshment to my full tummy. The fla was not help anything I guess. The pudding was good enough to stand alone. :p

Macha Ice Cream. I don't like green tea. But this macha wasn't smell like green tea. It's more light. Not only in smell, but also in taste. Not too sweet, but still creamy. Love this.

And we also got goodie bag. Wohoo!

In the goodie bag, there's some vouchers from some tenants in Grand Indonesia. Me super happy. hihi :))
You may see, there were BlackCurrant, Smooch, Kamikaze, Ilham Perdana Wicaksana (could be use in Toranomon and Katsusei), Soup Spoon, and also we got Katsusei's loyalty card! *big grin*

Cute gimmick! When we first come, they asked us to took pict. In the end of agenda, we got our pict in tumblr and mini bag. Uber cute! Actually there's a place where we could slide the photo in. Plus, the printed out our photo and put it in a kinda envelope that could stand (there's the sustainer), so we could put it on the table. hihi.

Big thanks to Grand Indonesia, Katsusei,, and Multiply for the invitation.
I was super happy and enjoy the event. :)


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