Friday, September 3, 2010

mr. curry

heyho! this time i was craving for curry-thingy. so i went to Mr. Curry!
it's hard for me to choose which one i want to order, finally i chose these:

this is Ebitama Curry Don (48K) , yummy yummy one! rice with
egg gravy and peas, prawn, and onion. =9

This is Beef Steak Curry Rice (58K). this is rice with grilled beef and curry! the beef is soft enough and juicy. nyumnyum.

This is Oxtail Curry Rice (68K). pretty yummy. the oxtail not too hard and smells good. hihi.

This is Chicken Katsu Curry (58K). breaded chicken with curry. the chicken is crunchy2 and the curry,i chose the original one. yummy. =)

This is Choco Parfait (33K). unfortunately,this is out of my expectation. i wish there were all choco ice cream. so bad we only got 1 scoop of choco ice cream and 2 scoops of vanilla ice cream.hehe. but don't worry,the taste was still good. i am just wishing for more scoops of choco.:p

overall, the food were great. but the service was super bad. actually i ordered 2 parfaits, but 1 one them took time so long to be served, and when i had finished eating all, so i canceled the one that hadn't come. then the waiter came and brought me the parfait that i ordered before in not-so-good-condition. the ice cream was melted already. if this kind of thing happens when they're in rush. but they weren't. there were just about a quarter of all tables occupied. so i asked them to cancel the not-so-good-condition parfait. oh and this is not the only thing i was disappointed with. their service is very bad. fortunately they have great food, so maybe i'll stop by again.

Grand Indonesia
West Mall, Level 3A
Jl. M.H. Thamrin No. 1
Central Jakarta


Anonymous said...

me once ate japanesse noodle but i forget what it was. not udon, i just dont remember its name. and it tasted sweet, i added any seasonings into it but it still tasted the same. but i grabbed a big bowl of it cause i was extremely starving hahaha.
could you sometimes try out the mexican foods?
i am curious hehe.
anyway, it's nice blog. keep going. bye :)

sara said...

do you mean ramen?? their ramen is also looks tempting.hihi.
oh yeah, sure. me also curious, but still haven't got any chance to try mexican food. i promise i'll post it here as i try it. :D
thx for visiting anyway. =))

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