Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Little Penang

Little Penang has opened their branches a lot lately. They developed a lot, huh?hehe.
As i saw it often, i thought, maybe i should try this. so here i was. i went to the Taman Anggrek's outlet.
as i went there about 6pm, it was pretty crowded. seems like they have a lot of customer.

This is Kulit Tahu Goreng Mayonaisse. wuooooh. so oily!hahaha. but it was so crunchy and i love it. nice appetizer.hihi.

Looks like chicken kungpao, isn't it? It was Ayam Cabe Kering. As it looked like, the taste pretty similar with chicken kungpao. the difference is this one a little spicy. Pretty nice. still edible to me.hehe

Buncis Ebi, which i love it. the beans are crunchy and not overcooked. the ebi (dried prawn) was soooo stand out. Maybe a bit too salty, but i love saltiness!nyahahaha

Sweet & sour fish. The fact is they cooked the fried fish together with the sauce, which i call it s a nightmare. because that's why i couldn't taste the crunchiness in the fried fish, which made it lost its savoriness, and became a bit yucky. Even worse, the fish was smell fishy. i was disappointed anyway. sorry to say, dude. :(

This is lemon tea.

And this is Ambula (Kedondong's juice) which is i love so much. so fresh, sweet and a bit sour. :)

i am sorry i forgot to take the bill, but as i remember, with all of these order and 4 bowls of rice, i have to pay about 150K. :)

Patisserie Francois

teatime attack!
Pattiserie Francois (read: pa-tes-re frawn-swaw) is very eye catching.
finally i tried this tempting-things i found since loooong time ago.heheh.
well, this time i won't wasting my time again and tried as much as i can.bahahaha *evil laugh*

Stick to DATE Pudding (36K). It's a little weird why they called it as pudding, since this was not a pudding.hehe. it was a kind of sponge cake made from date and sauced by fla. the fla is kind of unique. i guessed they put 'rangi' (i dont know what is the english for it) , so they had the little texture of it, and also brown sugar and milk in it of course. Peaches and strawberries on the top gave sourness that contrast to the sponge cake taste which was sweet and a bit rough, gave a perfect blend.

Heaven Chocolate Mele (38K). Usually we find chocolate is sweet or bitter. but this time, i found it salty. unique,huh? the texture was almost like brownies which so moist inside. the chocolate was rich and tempting.haha. Served in a triplets bowl, with fruits (strawberries, peaches, and nata de coco) on one side and fro-yo on the other side. I love this. Complete package in 1 menu. sssttt. the fro-yo is not too sour and i like it! :)

Tartelete Choco (7K). This tiny thing looked like a tan tart in choco version. but it was not. It had pie-crust, with almonds and kind of chocolate cream on the top. They served it fresh from the fridge, so it was still frozen. but i like it more when it had melted already. nyehehe

Nougat (15K). Well, actually i thought this was a nut cake or something. the fact is, i was wrong.hahaha. it only had nut on the top. in the middle was not nut jam or kinda. It's only cream that smells like rum. The cake's texture was good. Moist and soft.

and, i got free mineral water drinks. Look! what's odd in this picture?? the glasses' bottom are not flat.hahaha. it was rounded, so the glass cannot stand upright. funny yet cute, huh? :D

anyway, sorry i forgot to take the pict of the place. Don't worry, u'll find it easily. Right in front of Mark & Spencer Plaza Indonesia. :)
Cozy couch and good service, plus the magazines are new (not wasted magazine) , i think this place worth a try. :)

Pattiserie Francois
Plaza Indonesia Level 2 # ioo1
+62 21 3983.8271

One Pacific Place Basement 1 No.40
Phone : +62.21. 514.00.514

Friday, January 21, 2011


Ootoya! Another best japanese cuisine in Jakarta. Actually it's been long time i saw this, and it always tempting. :9
well, this time i couldn't resist anymore. lets rockin'!

uuuuw, this is their ocha (8K). the glass was so small actually, but don't worry since it was refill-able. Yippie! :D

oh it's japanese habit. usually, the customer in japan is just come back from work or something like that, so they give a hot towel to wipe their face. Anyway, i just use it to wipe my hands.hehe :D

Demi Chicken set (80K). Hmm.. Let me explain. in the middle is chicken katsu + sauce in hot plate with slices of cabbage under it, a little cauliflower, and pieces of tomatoes. well, it's not just fine. it's SUPER FINE.hahaha. The chicken was well-fried and well-tasted. not too salty, savory, and big.nyehehe.
at top-left, you may see tofu, it's yummy too. soft and savory.
at the top right is a kind of pickle, wish i didn't try it because i'm kinda not a fan of it.hehe
at bottom-right is miso soup.
and at the bottom left is rice with hijiki. well, usually we have to pay 10K for the hijiki (seaweed), but this time i got it as a complementary. *big grin* :D
and FYI, the rice is super great. and it's refill-able.hihi.
anyway, if you don't want the set, you may order just the Demi chicken (the hot plate chicken katsu) for 60K. :)

Udon Kari (45K). the gravy was not so thin and not so thick. just right. wuoh, they put an egg on the top of teh curry. NYUM! Anyway, the curry had pieces of carrot, chicken, little lettuce (green and purple), and little onion. Served aside with a kinda of pickle or something.

please do not see about the quality of picture. at least i tried my best to show you the udon's texture.hehe. btw, it's a bit chewy and lovely. :D

overall, it's great place. i saw some Japaneses had lunch here too. The service given also pretty good, except when i asked for refilling my rice, it takes time a bit long. -__________-
but as the foods were good, so maybe i'll hit 2nd visit to here some time. c u there!:D

Plaza Indonesia level 4, unit 5
Jl. M.H.Thamrin Kav 28-30
Central Jakarta
(021) 3983 8252

P.S. to make u easier to remember, this place is located next to Pizza Boutique. :)

Hachi Hachi Bistro

"Sushi & whatever " is their tagline. Hachi Hachi Bistro located on Central Park and Taman Anggrek Mall, served fusion sushi & friends. For me, here is the best fusion sushi ever! *big grin*

well, this one is Teriyaki Bar (32K). hey, this is my super fave! FYI, Hachi Hachi Bistro is the best in Teriyaki. so this choice was kinda so right. :)
This is kani and cucumber rolled in rice and nori, breaded and then deep fried, then cobered by teriyaki chicken and teriyaki beef and melted cheese on the top. WHOAAAAAA. damn yummy!
the teriyaki was sweet yet savory. soooo delightful!

And this one is Yakiniku & Shrimp Roll (34K). This is a sandwich roll. so unique,huh?
contains chrimp and beef yakiniku inside, rolled with bread and egg, and covered with melted cheese. slurp! Served with french fries and onion rings, on a white big square plate.hehe.
the french fries was a bit salty which is good. onion ring was fine, but getting worse then if not eaten immediately. The yakiniku was just ok. salty and a bit fragrant-y. To be honest, i guess Hachi Hachi is good in teriyaki, but not in yakiniku. hehe

Salmon Dip
(38K). You may choose which one do you want, salmon or tuna. In this case, i chose salmon. Actually, they serve it rare, but since i seriously cannot bear something rare, so i ordered it well-done. :)
The special about this menu is it has a deep sauce, which consists of cheese, mayo, and crunchies. Damn YUMM! to be honest, i ordered this just in order to get the dip sauce.hehehe. The roll itself was quiet good. as you can see, it contains kani, avocado, and cucumber, which rolled in nori and rice, with salmon on the top.

ocha (9K) wasn't free and wasn't refill-able, but they sure gave me a big shot. It's not a glass i thought. more like a bowl to me.hahaha

and here is the ambiance at Central Park's.

Hachi Hachi Bistro
Mal Taman Anggrek, Lt. 3 Unit # 311
Jl. Letjen. S.Parman Kav. 21. Slipi
Jakarta Barat 11470

Central Park Mall , LG # 234.
Jl. Letnan Jenderal S. Parman Kav 28.
Tanjung Duren Selatan, Jakarta Barat, 11470.
phone 021 56985592

Friday, January 14, 2011


heyho! so sorry dory for long time no see. after been so busy lately, my owner finally have spare time to help me to share my another experiences with youuuu. hihi :D

this is the time for Manadonese! every time i hear about manadonese, the first thing come out in my mind is Beautika.
so i just can't stop my path to there!hahaha.

Kuah Asam (half portion) -18.5K. actually i was a bit amazed when i know the price. why? Because the Bowl was so big, full of spice, with 2 big pieces of fish. The taste is similar with tomyum, just need to add a bit sugar and sour.hehe. This one is more salty, and the spiciness is the same.

This is Pepes Bunga Pepaya (32.5K). I guess they put some basil and cakalang here. because i could taste the texture of cakalang and smell of basil. It was not spicy, but more like bitter. yeah papaya's leaf taste bitter, doesn't it? so the flower either.

Abon Cakalang Rica (332.5K). Hot and spicy! yeah, that's 2 words that defines Rica. but this time it appears with abon form. i love this a lot. honestly. even chilly's price is increasing day by day, the spiciness in this manadonese not decrease even a bit. :)

Cakalang Rabe Rica. nah this is it more spicy than the former one. in Indonesian, we could say the fish is disuwir-suwir.hahaha. i think it was more chilly than the fish itself. could u imagine how does it taste?~.~
btw, the cakalang has been smoked before mixed with the chily (sambel).

Perkedel Jagung (6.5K each). perkedel jagung is never go wrong for me.nyahaha. well, to be objective, here is my review. it wasn't too salty. a bit crunchy,maybe because i asked the waiter to warm it first. unfortunately, the the corn was too dry, so it tasted a bit hard.

dabu-dabu (7.5K). yeah, i had to pay for the dabu2. i don't know, maybe because the raise of chilly's price, or it's just like that since before that. but the taste really have a super spicy damage to your mouth. HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

Jl. Hang Lekir no. 1, Kebayoran Baru
South Jakarta
(021) 722 6683

SCBD Sudirman Lot.8
Jl. Jend. Sudirman Kav. 52-53
South Jakarta
(021) 3758 2323, 3785 2332

Jl. Abdul Muis 70A, Tanah Abang
Central Jakarta
(021) 381 2340


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