Thursday, September 16, 2010

Samudra Seafood Restaurant

Heyho! really sorry dorry for not writing anything for last few days. i was just too busy hunting new sexy food.nyahahahha. ;p
first, happy lebaran for all who celebrate it. :D
at the holiday, there's no better activity than dimsum-ing in the morning. wohooo.

The name of Samudra Seafood Restaurant has mentioned that they serve seafood. but in the morning, they serve dimsum. =9

As usual, i always order hakau (16K). actually it's just like common hakau, but i never dislike it.hihi

The Siew Mai (16K) is standard i think. nothing special. but for it's an obligation to order siew mai when you are dimsum-ing.hahaha.

La Sa Pao (14K) is a bun with salty egg in it. yummyummyummy!

Cha Siew Su (14K). hey! this is great too. the filling is cha siew, but the bun is baked well and so shiny. hahaha. i think they smear it with liquid sugar. :D

Bakso Cumi Goreng (14K). yes, this contains squid, but not tastes like squid. i thought it was just breaded deep fried fish.hehe. don't worry, it doesn't smell fishy. this is yummy! =9

Pangsit Udang Selada (17K) consists of 3 pieces deep fried dumpling and served with mayo! wohoo. don't forget, prawn and mayo are never go wrong,huh? so i don't have to explain more. :D
fyi, i didn't taste something such selada in it.haha

Lumpia Udang (17K). i love prawn. so it's almost never wrong for me. hahahaha

I dont't like the Kaki Ayam (15K). i once tried it and so yummy, i don't why, maybe the taste's just change.hehe

Cha Siew Pau (15K). yeah,this one is not halal.hehe. but damn yummy!

Bebola Kumis Naga (16K). hey, this is great. super crunchy, and there're prawn in it.hihi

Have i told you that this Kulit Ayam (16K) is weird???? can you imagine chicken's skin covered with sesame? yeah, the taste is like crunchy sesame.

Bubur Pitan (16K). this small bowl of porridge has only a few pitan in it. the taste is just so so. you know, pitan is black egg. at least that's what i call it.hahaha. i don't know how they made the egg become that black.

This is Lobak Goreng Telur (17K). i prefer the one with soya sauce and a bit sweety. unfortunately they don't provide it, they just have the salty one. so here it was.

Cheong Fan Goreng (19K). wow! i love this.hihi. deep fried cheong fan and cooked with ebi. the taste is salty.hihi

Kwetiauw Terasi (21K). the portion is small but the taste is BIG.hahaha. i think this is highly recommended. Fried kwetiauw cooked with terasi and prawn and vegetables. =9

Can Pao Panggang (14K). it's similar with dumpling, but i think the texture is different, as well as the taste either. this one is more yummy.hihi. it has cha siew -red pork- as filling.

Cendol ala Thai (12K). well, this was yummy and refreshing, but i didn't find any cendol in it.haha. the greenies are more like jelly. and the red ones is not far from it. my mom said the red one is small piece of bangkuang digulung2 pake sagu & direbus. maybe she's right. she has more experiences at kitchen-thingy than me, right?hahaha.

this is agar-agar kwelin (16K). usually, i call it kwelingkau. this is made from kwelin (yaiyalah), a kind of temprurung kuya or something (i'm not sure), and very useful to avoid or cure panas dalem. the taste is a bit bitter, but don't worry, they give honey on it. :)

For additional info, chinese tea will cost you 9K each person. :)

Samudra Seafood Restaurant.
8th Floor BRI II Center Park. Jend. Sudirman Kav. 44 - 46.
Jakarta Pusat. DKI Jakarta - Indonesia.
PH 1: (021)571-3600

Mall Taman Anggrek ( MTA ), Lt.4
Let. Jend. S. Parman Kav. 21
Jakarta Barat
DKI Jakarta - Indonesia
PH 1: (021)563-9288


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