Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Roti Prata Jalan Kayu

when i first came to FJ Square Pluit Village, I once noticed the prata in the first stall. but unfortunately i ordered another food already. so at the other time, i came again and ordered that prata without think twice.haha.

Sausage/Mushroom & Cheese Prata (23K). you may choose sausage or mushroom. in this time, i chose sausage. but the sausage is very few.hahaha. fortunately they serve this prata with a kinda curry. and the the curry was good, savory and a bit salty. nyumnyumnyum. =9

here is Bomb Prata (12K). even looks like this,this is very yummy. me likey.hihi.
it's only butter and sugar for the filling, but the butter is too much. so when i was going to eat it, it's just like too oily. well,it's no problem as i can moved it to drain it first before eating. =))

apparently they are not just sell prata, but also indian noodle (23K) and one kind of rice, err.. i forgot the name.hehe. they cook the indian noodle with red sauce. ok, that's what i name it because i don't know what is the sauce with red colored that makes the noodle become this red.hahaha. the noodle cooked with egg and vegetables. not spicy, not salty. just a bit savory and that's all. i think this is not really recommended. =)

as they have an open kitchen, we could watch the chef cooking our order. fun fun fun. :D

Roti Prata Jalan Kayu
FJ Square
Pluit Village Mall 3rd floor
Jl. Pluit Indah Raya, Penjaringan
Jakarta Utara

Puri Bambu

Heyho! since i spent some time in Bandung, so here is another 'lucky' food that came into my tummy.hahaha.
first of all, i'm really sorry for the moslem, because this time i am going to share about porky food. and please don't blame me if you are drooling because of this post. ;p

this is Puri Bambu. i heard my cousins said this is a good place where we can eat non halal food with reasonable price. so here we went.

they have 2 buildings. the first one with saung ambiance, and the other one is more modern. i took the modern one. they have indoor and outdoor seats. the outdoor also have a kind of tudungan, so you won't get kepanasan or keujanan if you sit there. =)

this is Bakut Goreng Cabe Garam (38K). crunchy salty deep fried bakut. this is yummy! =9

Anak Cumi Kriuk (29K). as you can see the name, it's baby squid. the taste is just like another squid, but these ones are tinier. and as this is deep fried, so it's also very crunchy. the sauce is just well cooked and the taste is just fit well. sweet and a bit spicy.

Samcan Panggang Crispy (26K). this is pig's fat. yeah, i only like the crunchy part. i don't eat the whole because i don't like the fat part. hehe. this is served with their special sauce. it's like saos kacang.hehe

This is Kangkung Hot Plate (25K). this one is not a porky thing. it's beef.hehe.
the sauce is yummy! the kangkung also well cooked, and the beef is not hard.

Rusuk Bakar Bambu (38K). i don't why they name it bambu, maybe it's use bamboo to grill it, or because the name of the place is puri bambu.haha.
this is a bit sweet. and there is such deep fried bihoon under. this is one of their specialties actually. but i feel something wrong when i ate this. i don't know it's about the seasoning or what. when i ate this, there were something like staking. and it's not just one. a lot. it's so weird.

Telor Mata Babi (25K). whoaaaa. can't you see it's so tempting?hahaha. it's sayur asin with steamed minced pork and telor ceplok at the top. nyumnyumnyum. =9

the first i read the menu, there was rujak banci (6K). i was is curious, what kind of rujak is that.hahaha. so i ordered one. the portion is so little. but it's worth the price i guess. it's similar with asinan. but this uses more vinegar. so the taste is sour yet refreshing.hihi.

oiyah, i also ordered kedondong juice (15K). but i don't like it. they were not refine it. so we drink it with all the dregs.

Puri Bambu
Jl. Sindang Sirna no. 12-14
ph: 022 - 204 0143, 9263 0297

Monday, August 30, 2010

Kedai Nyonya Rumah

One day i went to Bandung, and i was starving on the way. so i choose to stop by and try some food.hihi
Kedai Nyonya Rumah. i went to the one at naripan. at front,it is so small. only a ruko and looks like bakery. yeah,it's really bakery at the front. and the restaurant is behind that. we have to go through the bakery first. hmmm... smells good. =9

Java Steak (46.2K). the meat is good and well cooked. the sauce too. the meat not too hard yet not to soft. dont you see it's so unique that there is a boiled egg with it? hahaha. they're all yummy. =9

Nasi Ulam Ayam (29.8K). very different with the one we have in Jakarta. there is no sauce (kuah). the taste like what yaa.. hard to define. but i think, it's just standard.hehe

Nasi Tutug Oncom (31K). The oncom is very few, almost not detected.hahahaha. so the rice is more similiar with nasi uduk.hehe

Nasi Tumpeng Parahyangan (29.8K). nah this is very yummy. me llikey very much.hehe. The yellow rice is a bit lembek2. i love this is kind of rice.haha. ada orak arik tempe, gepuk, piramid egg (telor yg d bentuknya segitiga), chicken flesh with their specialty sauce, prawn cracker, and errr.. i forgot the name, vegetables with grated coconut. hehe.

Nasi Timbel Komplit (32.3K), it's just like another nasi timbel lah. with sayur asem, sambel, tofu , tempe, fried chicken, lalap, and rice. teh sambel is so HOT.hahaha

i guess this is their masterpiece: Lontong Komplit (29.8K). slurrppp. the taste is tempting!hahaha. lontong,egg,tofu, meat ( i forgot it's chicken or beef), prawn cracker, and chicken satay. You have to try it. ;)

Kedai Nyonya Rumah
Jl. Naripan 92 C

Jl. Trunojoyo No. 29,
Citarum, Bandung,

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Carl's Jr

hi Carl's Jr., welcome to Jakarta!haha
in the beginning of this month, Carl's Jr. has opened their first outlet: Grand Indonesia.
of course i don't want to be last to try them.hahha
as i have eaten already, so these are the 'only' i could try here.

western bacon (45K). yeah the bread is not really puffy. but the taste is not bad at all.

and this is their Chilli Fries (28K). mmm.. actually this is far from my expectation. the taste is only salty and cheesy. that's all. i don't really like it.hehe. i don't know, maybe it's kinda people's taste.

over all, i still prefer burger king. no offense.
this is still worth to try lah. :)

Carl's Jr.
Grand Indonesia Shopping Town
West Mall, LG Floor
Jl. MH. Thamrin no. 1,
Central Jakarta

emie acuan

hey! have you been to pluit?
there are many good food there!hahaha. this one for example.
this yummy food is Emie Acuan. it's kind of emie medan.

Emie (17K). actually it's very sweet, too sweet i think. so i put pretty lot of lime to make it balance. =)
isinya tp cuma dikit sih, banyak d kuahnya aja.hehe. the prawn is also only 3 and little ones.--'

the other choice is sate babi (4K each). yeah this is not halal. but pretty yummy lah. tp dagingnya agak alot gitu. it is very different with the usual we see ones because it use bumbu kacang.

if you are here, dont forget to drink barley(5K). it's medan typical drink. =)

actually they also provide nasi campur (23K) which is also yummy, and other kind of food. if you dont like this foods, there are plenty of other choice around here. =)

Emie Acuan
JL. PLuit Sakti Raya No. 39
North Jakarta
(021) 661 3867

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

home made hotdog

today i made hotdog! yuhuuu. do you know the one that used to be sold in the mall, hot dog without bread. it's just a deep fried breaded sausage. yeah,i'm pretty miss that thing. so i was googling, and i found a recipe from www.acozykitchen.com and i tried it. and VOILA! i made it. =))

nyumnyumnyum. sorry i didn't take any photo, because i thought it's too bad.hehe. but as it goes with bad appearance, doesn't mean it has bad taste too loh. *membela diri*hahahaha

so here is the recipe, maybe you wanna try some. =)

2/3 cups of all-purpose flour

1/2 cup of yellow corn meal

1 tablespoon of baking powder

1 teaspoon of salt

1/4 teaspoon of baking soda

1/4 teaspoon of cayenne

1 egg

3/4 cup of whole milk

4 hot dogs or veggie dogs

4 tablespoons of cornstarch (for dredging)

4 skewers (cut to a 6 inch length)

Grab a pair of tongs and line a baking sheet with paper towels. (For the corn dogs after frying.)

Pour your oil in a cast iron skillet, dutch oven, or deep fryer. Heat over medium-high heat until your thermometer reads 375F (Note: My thermometer broke (long story) so I eyeballed this. Obviously, this isn’t the way to go but I just tested the oil by putting a drop of the batter in. When it rose to the top, I knew it was ready).

In a medium mixing bowl, whisk together the flour, yellow corn meal, baking powder, salt, baking soda and cayenne. In a large bowl whisk the one egg and whole milk. Then add the dry ingredients to the wet ingredients all at once, mixing until just combined. The mixture will look a lot like pancake mix. Don’t over-mix and let it rest for 10 minutes. Note: I found it easiest to transfer the mixture to a skinnier cup. It made it much easier to dip in the batter.

While your batter is resting, lay your cornstarch on a baking sheet or big plate. Place each hot dog on a skewer and roll in the cornstarch, being sure to pat off any excess. Then quickly dip the hot dog in and out of the batter. Immediately place the corn dog in the hot oil. Be careful! The oil will be hot and may splash back at you. Cook until the coating is golden brown, 4-5 minutes. Remove with tongs and place on paper towels for draining. Serve with ketchup and mustard.


Corn Dog on FoodistaCorn Dog

Monday, August 16, 2010

Lotus - Mie Udang Singapore

hello. today i wanted something noodly and spicy.
so i went to Lotus! it is located in Pluit, the opposite of Emporium Pluit Mall.
they provide mie udang actually, but they also offer the best mie terasi in town! yuhuuu.
the place is just like usual home, but they use their garage for their stall.

first, i am so sorry for unqualified picture. =(
this is mie terasi (20K). looks yummy huh?hihi
they use mie medan (medan noodle). isinya ada telor, kangkung,udang, bakso udang, dll. so tasty! slurp. *i want it again*
you may choose the spicy level when you order, low, medium, high, or super duper spicy.

this is mie udang singapore (20K).
this is also yummy! err.. tp kalo abis makan mie terasinya sih rasanya ini kebanting. coz you know lah mie udang kan rasanya ga gitu spicy. tp untuk ukuran mie udang, ini uda termasuk enak koq.hehe

all of dishes here is customized with your order. so you may choose you want noodle, kwetiaw or bihoon. =)

Lotus Mie Udang Singapore
Komplek Karina Sayang II/B5
Jembatan III, Jakarta

afong cake

no! today is not my birthday.hehe. it's for someone. ;p
i bought these cupcakes from a home cakery. =)
they taste delicious! slurp. you have to try.
it costs about 8K each,but you have to order for bulk. errr.. i don't know the minimum order. you'd better call and ask them if you're interested.
they also provide many kind of cakes such tart, blackforest, pudding, cookies (kue kering),etc. with delivery service for jakarta only.
so you may order it for your friends.hihi

Afong Cake

Monday, August 9, 2010

Jun Njan

I thought jun njan is a chinese restaurant, but the fact is they write it as seafood restaurant.
as i got there and tried some food, i still think that jun njan is a chinese restaurant.hahaha.
i went to the one in Grand Indonesia, the ambiance is soooooooo oriental. me love it. =))
and here are the foods.

cumi goreng jun njan -Jun Njan fried squid (63K IDR). this is so yummy!! the squid is just well cooked. after the squid is fried,they poured the sauce. i dont know what sauce it is. but it tasted yummy.hehe. errr. actually i ordered for 2 portion, and they served it in one plate. so the actual size is not this much.hehe.

this is ayam garam 1/2 ekor - half salted chicken (59K IDR). very similar with pek cam khe, or emang sama sih? this is steam chicken. the gravy is salty2. pretty yummylah.

and here is Ayam Goreng Jun Njan - Jun Njan Fried Chicken (43K IDR). it's so crunchy2.hihi. rasanya gurih2 gitu. tsr d cocol sama saos nya. kynya saosnya itu ada campuran saos tiram nya deh. *sotoy*haha

ini adalah Nasi Goreng -Fried Rice size Medium (55K IDR). ini lumayan gede koq porsinya. tp karna kita makannya rame2, jd skalian lgsg minta d bagiin gt nasinya. 1 piring medium nasi gorengnya bisa jd 10 mangkok ini lo.hehe. gatw bumbunya apaan nih nasi,tp enakkk.hehehe

Gurame Asam Manis - sweet sour carp size Large (83K). this is my fave!!!! ikannya crunchy banget dan saosnya jg pas gitu. worthed banget hrganya.hihi. mau lagi mau lagi mau lagi mau lagi! =9

Tahu Jun Njan Sauce (43K). this is jg d pesennya 2 porsi trs d jadiin satu.hehe. tahunya pke tahu jepang gt yg d goreng trs d kasih saosnya deh. taraaa! yummy food is served!hihi.

Bakmie Ulang Tahun - Birthday Fried Noodle (88K). for me it's savorless. mungkin krna sblmnya uda makan makanannya yg rasanya aduhai x ya, jd kynya yg ini kbanting gitu. 1 piring bakmi goreng ini bs d bagi jd 10 mangkok kecil. tp mangkok kecilnya lbi gede drpd yg nasi goreng punya lo.hehe.

Udang mayonaise - mayo prawn ( 68K). me always like this.hahaha. emang enak sih. prawn with mayo never go wrong! tapi sayangnya porsinya ga banyak.hehe

for this kind of restaurant,of course the most appropriate drink is chinese tea (6K/person)! wohoo.

for additional info, the pickle is costs 5K each. so if you dont like it, you'd better tell the waiter to take it out from your table.
overall i think this place is pretty recommended. so see you there! nyumnyumnyum. =9

Jl MH Thamrin Kav 1
West Mall, Level 5, 11 A-B
Jakarta, 10350
+62 21 2358 0647

Jl. Batu Ceper no. 69
Jakarta Pusat

Epicentrum Walk 1st Floor
Jalan HR Rasuna Said
Jakarta, 12960

Food Kulture
Plaza Indonesia Ext. level 5
Central Jakarta

MOI Kelapa Gading Level I B1-3
North Jakarta
Jl.pluit utara raya no 41
North Jakarta


mochi is always interesting for me!hehe
yesterday i visited Mochilla. they sell mochi with ice cream and wine in it.

it costs 12K IDR each. but if you buy for 6pieces, you'll get special price : 11K IDR each.
since i dont like wine, and i love ice cream, so i buy the ice cream ones.hehe.
i bought 6 pieces but i just take 2 pictures.hehe.
here is the taro one.
and here is the black sesame one.

me love it. hihi

Jl MH Thamrin 1
GI West Mall, 3A Floor ED-1-12
Central Jakarta

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Es Shanghai

Holaaa! i'm back!
lately jakarta is super duper very HOT (literally hot).
so i guess i need some thing icy.hihi
as i was at Mangga Dua, so i tried this icy thingy.

This is Thousand Islands. I don't know why they named it like this.hahah.
it is pacar cina, coconut, buah atep, agar2, melon, watermelon, etc. with mesis and susu kental manis at the top.
wohoo. nyumnyumnyum.

Yes. one is never enough. so i wanted to eat another kind of icy thing.haha.
this is..... errr.... i don't know.hahaha.
it's really great they can serve customize order. so i choose which fruit that i want, and here it was. hihi

all the menu here cost 12K rupiahs.
there are some other choice such es kopyor, es duren, etc.
maybe i'll tried them next time.hihi

i forgot the exact place.hahaha. pknya ada d mangga dua mall. lantai 2 atau 3 gitu. =)

Jl. Arteri Mangga Dua Raya
Jakarta Utara

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