Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Yaudah Bistro

After long time no eat Germany dishes, I thought it's good to have one. Yaudah Bistro is a catchy name. Once my friend told me about it and I just remember that name until then. People said it was much 'friendly' than Paulaner. Upon my curiosity, I put this name on my wish list. And I made it!
At first, I didn't even notice the place for they don't put a signage in front. So I was stray for a while. :'(
The ambience here wasn't like a bistro, I guess. (or maybe Germany bistro is like this? I don't know). More like garage and terrace with table everywhere. With no AC, it felt like pretty hot in there. Fortunately I came at 7pm, so it wasn't too hot. But it was more late more crowd. At 8pm it was pretty full and yeah it's hot.

After caught in the middle of hunger and confused to choose, finally I ordered this Hickory Ham Steak (42.5K). It was a griddle fried 200gr ham, served with homemade cabbage salad (that's what we called sauerkraut) and one side dish which I chose hashbrown.
The ham itself was very loveable. I loved it. It was tender and juicy. Very easy on teeth. Tasted savory and a bit salty.

Beef Farmer Bratwurst (37.5K). Actually you may choose chicken, pork or beef. But I chose beef as I already ordered for something pork. :)
Anyway, I was pretty satisfied with my choice. It was 180gr charchoal grilled Coarse German Bratwurst topped with onion sauce and served with one side dish, which I chose french fries.
The bratwurst was a bit crunchy outside and juicy inside. Me love it. The french fries was out of my expectation. Gosh! It was too much for me. I got full after eat them all. lol.
The onion sauce didn't give any influence, I thought.

Pork Knuckle (175K). Hoaaah. This was the king. It was grilled knuckle, about 1,5kg (huge,huh?). To had this, it took approx 1,5hour to prepare. So I ordered it by phone, before I went there. And still, this was the last this came out. lol.
The knuckle was pretty good. Crunchy outside, but need a lot of effort to cut it. When I was give up, I asked the waitress to cut it for me, so she helped me. Thank you a bunch, now I could easily eat. *grin*
Tasted only salty and pork-smelly.
Anyway, it came up with a special mustard, which I believed contain some kind of berry because it taste a bit sweet, sour and berry-smelly. Which helped a lot, because I couldn't stand of the pork-smelly. So this mustard was good enough enough to cover all the fragrant I didn't like.
And also there was a big bowl full of boiled potato. I couldn't eat all of these all. Geez. I was full. So I took home the rest.

Overall, I was satisfied with the food. It was very worth it. I think I will come again some day. So see you around! :)

Yaudah Bistro
Jl. Johar no. 15, Gondangdia


Anonymous said...

numpang komen, gw juga suka makan di ya udah bistro. cobain roast chicken nya deh, itu bikin nya juga 1.5 jam. terus fav gw chef's salad (kalo ga salah) itu enak juga..sama pork picatta :)

sara said...

hwaaaa. I indeed need 2nd visit nih. hahaha.
Thankd for the suggestion ya. :)

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