Friday, August 12, 2011

Fat Burger

Heyho readers!
As a netizen, online shopping is like a common thing nowadays. Once I opened Groupon Indonesia or also may be known as Disdus, they was offering Fat Burger coupon, only with 35K IDR, you'd have 1 portion of Fat Burger and 1 milkshake. FYI, Groupon is an online company that offers many things (service/product) for a special price. And of course I love it! I always love special thing. (read: discounted price)
Well, I tried Fat Burger once, and I was pretty love it, but as i remembered, Fat Burger was quiet expensive. But 35K for 1 burger and 1 milkshake? Of course I didn't have to think twice.

Fat Burger - It's beef. And it's yummy. The beef hamburger was soft, tender, and juicy at first but a bit dry at last. The lettuce and cubical-cut onion, completed with pickles, brought up the sensation of juiciness which balancing the dry-at-last-beef. Tasted savory. And I want some more. Woooh!
Anyway, this kind of burger comes in 4 size: kids size, fat burger, double (with 2 hamburgers), and triple (with 3 hamburgers). Can you imagine how big is the triple size??

Of course i chose chocolate milkshake. For a chocolate lover like me, it's a betrayal to not choose chocolate. :p
Anyway, the milkshake was thick and rich. Seriously, I got full just to drink a cup of milkshake. hahaha. But it tasted nice. Well blended and not easy to melt. Unfortunately it was too sweet, even for me. (maybe because i'm already so sweet. *blush*)

One more thing. After I redeem my Groupon voucher here, there's a fish bowl, filling with some tiny paper, and I could take one. Ok, lets try my luck. TADAAA! I got new coupon worth 10K IDR! hahaha. I heard someone before me got 25K IDR. I asked the waitress, she said the biggest number is 100K IDR. Wow, I want it!hahaha.

Overall, I was fully satisfied with my spending this time. Not only I got nice dinner with discounted price and even got another cashback, but I also enjoyed the ambience and kindness of the waiter/ess. They're very helpful to me. *big grin*

Ok, see you later. I'm gonna go to Groupon again to check their deals today! I dont want to pass anything. They only give 6 days for a deal to be posted. :p

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