Monday, August 8, 2011

Mbah Jingkrak

This was my first time to Mbah Jingkrak.
First opened at Setiabudi, now Mbah Jingkrak has many branches. This time, I visited the one at Veteran, Jakarta.
Mbah Jingkrak provides authentic Javanese cuisine.

This is the front side of the Veteran branch.

They put a traditional teapot on every table. It was water in it. You may drink it.
With dim light and traditional ambience, Mbah Jingkrak made me felt like I'm in Mid Java. lol.
First you come, you have to choose your dish. They display their menu (the dishes), so you may choose which one you want, then they will re-heat your chosen. Yeah, the food wasn't fresh, but similar with warung-concept.

Ayam Wewe (15K). The waiter said this one had the middle level of spiciness. So I tried this. But I'm not sure about their standard, the point is this wasn't as spicy as I thought.
I even could eat it without soya sauce. hehe. Plus, the only thing spicy was the outer part of the chicken. So the spice didn't absorbed enough to the chicken. So bad.
The wrong way to cook a dish is, you boiled the chicken then recooked it with spice.
I think they have to put some spice while boiling, so it would tasten (give taste) to the chicken.

Ayam Rambut Setan (Devil's Hair Chicken)- 15K. Same with the former dish above, the spice also wasn't absorbed enough to the chicken. While this one was the highest level of spiciness of their chicken menu, I still could eat it without being sweated.

Tahu & Tempe Bacem (4K each). Tasted pretty nice. Well seasoned. But sadly, it was too small for 4K IDR. hahaha

Sate Tusuk (5K each). This was the last stock they had, so I took them all (two pieces). It's chicken satay seasoned with soya sauce. The waitress warned me that it would be hot & spicy. So I prepared myself. But (again) it wasn't as spicy as I thought. Hah!
It was more like sweet than spicy. -___-'

Cumi Asin (20K). Sauteed Salty Squid. The name tells everything about the dish. It was very very very salty. Unfortunately, the squid was too chewy and hard. Me not likey.

Sayur Asem (6,5K). This one was pretty nice though, even I thought if they put a lil bit of sugar, it would be perfect. :)
Can't you see, the bowl full of vegetables and peanuts. A bit spicy and sour.

FYI, i also ordered rice. Regular rice and red rice, both costed 5K each. :)

Mbah Jingkrak
Jl. Veteran 1 no. 34
Jakarta Pusat
Ph. 021- 3510909 / 10


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