Monday, August 9, 2010

Jun Njan

I thought jun njan is a chinese restaurant, but the fact is they write it as seafood restaurant.
as i got there and tried some food, i still think that jun njan is a chinese restaurant.hahaha.
i went to the one in Grand Indonesia, the ambiance is soooooooo oriental. me love it. =))
and here are the foods.

cumi goreng jun njan -Jun Njan fried squid (63K IDR). this is so yummy!! the squid is just well cooked. after the squid is fried,they poured the sauce. i dont know what sauce it is. but it tasted yummy.hehe. errr. actually i ordered for 2 portion, and they served it in one plate. so the actual size is not this much.hehe.

this is ayam garam 1/2 ekor - half salted chicken (59K IDR). very similar with pek cam khe, or emang sama sih? this is steam chicken. the gravy is salty2. pretty yummylah.

and here is Ayam Goreng Jun Njan - Jun Njan Fried Chicken (43K IDR). it's so crunchy2.hihi. rasanya gurih2 gitu. tsr d cocol sama saos nya. kynya saosnya itu ada campuran saos tiram nya deh. *sotoy*haha

ini adalah Nasi Goreng -Fried Rice size Medium (55K IDR). ini lumayan gede koq porsinya. tp karna kita makannya rame2, jd skalian lgsg minta d bagiin gt nasinya. 1 piring medium nasi gorengnya bisa jd 10 mangkok ini lo.hehe. gatw bumbunya apaan nih nasi,tp enakkk.hehehe

Gurame Asam Manis - sweet sour carp size Large (83K). this is my fave!!!! ikannya crunchy banget dan saosnya jg pas gitu. worthed banget hrganya.hihi. mau lagi mau lagi mau lagi mau lagi! =9

Tahu Jun Njan Sauce (43K). this is jg d pesennya 2 porsi trs d jadiin satu.hehe. tahunya pke tahu jepang gt yg d goreng trs d kasih saosnya deh. taraaa! yummy food is served!hihi.

Bakmie Ulang Tahun - Birthday Fried Noodle (88K). for me it's savorless. mungkin krna sblmnya uda makan makanannya yg rasanya aduhai x ya, jd kynya yg ini kbanting gitu. 1 piring bakmi goreng ini bs d bagi jd 10 mangkok kecil. tp mangkok kecilnya lbi gede drpd yg nasi goreng punya lo.hehe.

Udang mayonaise - mayo prawn ( 68K). me always like this.hahaha. emang enak sih. prawn with mayo never go wrong! tapi sayangnya porsinya ga banyak.hehe

for this kind of restaurant,of course the most appropriate drink is chinese tea (6K/person)! wohoo.

for additional info, the pickle is costs 5K each. so if you dont like it, you'd better tell the waiter to take it out from your table.
overall i think this place is pretty recommended. so see you there! nyumnyumnyum. =9

Jl MH Thamrin Kav 1
West Mall, Level 5, 11 A-B
Jakarta, 10350
+62 21 2358 0647

Jl. Batu Ceper no. 69
Jakarta Pusat

Epicentrum Walk 1st Floor
Jalan HR Rasuna Said
Jakarta, 12960

Food Kulture
Plaza Indonesia Ext. level 5
Central Jakarta

MOI Kelapa Gading Level I B1-3
North Jakarta
Jl.pluit utara raya no 41
North Jakarta


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