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Urban Kitchen Plaza Indonesia Food Blogger Dinner

Some time ago, I thought Urban Kitchen (Plaza Indonesia) was closed. So bad I haven't been there. :(
Fortunately, about 2 weeks ago, I got an invitation from Goorme, to join food blogger dinner there. I was wondering, is it reopen or what? Then I got the answer. Urban Kitchen was close for public because they're having renovation. As I knew, Food Kulture (former name of Urban Kitchen Plaza Indonesia) used to use the same concept as Urban Kitchen Senayan City (they're still one group anyway). But then they changed and used food court concept. So where you order, there you pay. So be it, until now.

Bringing old town ambiance is a cool thing, yet it is much different from Urban kitchen I used to know. :) In my mine, Urban Kitchen is simple and minimalist. So old town ambience is totally new for UrbanKitchen-kind-concept.

So bad, my owner couldn't get on time (again). But this one was much worse. They late for 2 hours!!!!!
Blame it again to Jakarta's traffic.

This is Taiwanese Beef Noodle. This wasn't mine. So I only gave a little try. As this beef noodle had been cold, I got the noodle too soft.:( Maybe because it has been neglected for hours.
The broth was savory and beef-y. Smells good. So bad it was a bit oily because it's cold already. :(

This two meals I didn't taste. Not because I didn't like them, but because it wasn't mine. It was stay there when I came, and everybody just talking about it, not eating it. Maybe they had tried it on the other plate or what. As I saw, Raffel's chicken was huge. I believed I would be over full if I ate it all. LoL.
The left one was nasi gudeg. Yeah, some Indonesian's street food also opened their booth here (there's also Bebeb Yogi, etc.). Wah this one was nice. I love the rice's fragrance. The egg was welldone, spice was well-absorbed. The gudeg was sweet enough for me. Anyway, gudeg is Indonesian (Jogjakarta exactly) traditional food. Made from jackfruit,cooked with some traditional recipe, cooked for a pretty long time, and voila! Gudeg is done. *big grin*
I knew this because my former nanny (she is Javanese) cooked gudeg at my home and I learnt a bit from her. But as I was only 6th grader student, and there're a lot of ingredients, so I didn't remember. :p

Aha! This one was what I ordered. Errr... unfortunately I forgot the name. :p
Well, let me tell you all I remembered about this. This was from Ramen 38. It contained pork. You can see the pork slices are big enough, huh? I believe the stock contained coconut milk. The taste was savory. As I sate it, felt like a big number of fat haunted me.Lol

Talking about Ramen 38, of course I was interested to try their recommended menu: Jigoku Ramen. (Is it how they spell it?)
I chose level 1. I was afraid if it's too hot, I couldn't eat it.
To be honest, it was out of my expected. Well, the ramen's texture was nice. Really nice. A bit chewy. But I though it was more similar with korean ramen then japanese one. heheh.
Anyway, the stock was hot enough for me. It wasn't like level 1.
Maybe they need to improve the consistency, i guess. It was more like level 3 or 4. And I wasn;t the only one who said that.

Overall, I am pretty interested to make another visit. They have a lot of tempting food there.
Anomali coffee also will open there. It will have a special area. Oh, since Urban Kitchen bring up old town ambience, there is also tukang kerak telor, tukang leiker and friends. lol. Complete with their trademark cart as we used to see on the common street.
Ooops late night already. My owners have to go home. They have to wake up in the morning. Plus they shouldn't eat more food again this late. They're chubby enough. Lol.

See you again Urban Kitchen! :*

Urban Kitchen
Plaza Indonesia Ext. Lvl 5
Central Jakarta


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