Saturday, August 13, 2011

Warung Naughty Nuri's

I believe you all have heard this big name; Warung Naughty Nuri's. First opened in Ubud, Bali, its big name is a guarantee to be crowd in Jakarta. I knew this kind of phenomenon already. And I know I wasn't wrong and i wasn't the only one who knew it. First branch in Jakarta, Kelapa Gading, was quite a big hype. No more than a quarter year, second branch was launched; Pantai Indah Kapuk. As it is much nearer to my home, so I chose to go there. And it turns out that 2nd branch in Jakarta wasn't less hype than the first. As I asked the waitress, she said I have to wait in 10 lines of queue. Well, not surprised. I saw many people standing outside just to wait their name to be called. Just so you know, it was a ruko (home office) kind of building, and they use 2 floors to serve customers. There's also seats outside the building, but unfortunately it was full of smoke from griller. But still, some people rather chose to sit there than wait in a long queue.

Spare Ribs (95K). It looks tempting, doesn't it? It came up with a pretty big portion. But after I ate it, I still felt not full. lol. Yeah, ribs contain bone and meat (in this case, pork), so the bone was quiet big. Plus, they served it without any side dish. Please, with that price and location like this, it won't be hurt if they give some french fries. Anyway, it tasted nice. Well-absorbed seasoning. And me loved it. I believe they cooked (maybe boiled it in seasoned broth) it forst before they grilled it. I could see a super big pot full of spare ribs. After they boiled it, they put it into seasoning (I am pretty confident it was made from soy sauce), then grilled it.

Pork Chop (80K). This one was not less outstanding than the former dish. I even love this more. I guess the seasoning between this pork chop and spare ribs are the same. They tasted exactly the same. I loved this one more because the pork was much easier to eat and the seasoning was even much well absorbed in this pork. The pork itself was tender and juicy. Plus, it didn't smell like pork, which much better. Maybe the pork-smell already covered by grilled-smell and seasoning-smell.

I could see while the chef was preparing my dishes. They grilled it in front of the main entrance. So bad they don't have a chimney, so the smoke was just spread all over the outside-area.

See the people who were waiting for their name to be called. Good foods worth your patience. :p

Warung Naughty Nuri's
  • Jl. Raya Sanggingan, Ubud, Bali, Indonesia
  • 361/977547

Ruko Crown Golf Blok A no.55
Jl. Marina Raya - Pantai Indah Kapuk
Jakarta Utara
(021) 70098999

Jalan Boulevard Raya TB 2 No 27,
Kelapa Gading Jakarta Utara
Phone: (021) 452 0380

Jam Buka:
Siang: 10.00 – 22.00 (Last order 21.30)


Anonymous said...

For me this resto is totally different with the original one in Bali, taste was too sweet, found that soy sauce was dominated in their main dishes. Good food??? Warung Ubud is better.

Rick said...

Nice post :) i just ate there last week. at the kelapa gading branch.

sara said...

@anonymous: Hi there. Thank you for visitingg. :)
Anyway, I never been to the Ubud one.:p But for me, this one is pretty good. At least the pork wasn't smelly so I could eat without feel nausea. I usually easy to nausea if I smell something smelly. Maybe this is just a personal taste issue. Because I love sweet, so I like sweet ribs. Maybe you don't like sweet that's why you don't like it. heheh

@Rick: Hi Rick. Thankyou for visitingg. :) Does the Kelapa Gading one taste the same with the PIK one? So curious!hihi :D

quas said...


Tried the outlet at puri. Horrible. It's too sweet. It's like an overdose of kecap manis bango, and then some more, and some more! There's nothing interesting about the flavor, no tanginess, no spiciness, no exotic herbs aroma, nothing but pure sweet soy sauce. It was also so horribly overpriced (rice at Rp 9,000?!), no wonder the outlet is so lonely.

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