Thursday, November 11, 2010

Jun Nian (revisit)

heyho! i'm back!
since i was craving for something chinese, suddenly Jun Nian passed through in front of me. (yeah yeah, i was the one who passed through Jun Nian.hehe)
so i thought it's good to make a visit.
and apparently i had ordered some foods. ahahahah

well, this is Ayam Shecuan -half (50K). the taste? ya similar with grill chicken with garlic topping.

this is Tahu bom (38K). it was weird for me. when i order a kind of tahu isi, i am expecting for fried tofu with tasty vegetables filling. and what i got was a fried tofu with unknown-filling. well, it's not unknown. it's mushrooms and prawn cooked with oyster sauce. not salty, not savory, not tasty. -___-

Tongkat mas (48K). don't worry, i was not about to eat gold.hahaha. it's made from taro. :)
not chrunchy yet not too yummy i thought.hehe

what i like the most from this restaurant is their fish dishes. :)
i ordered Gurame Fillet Bumbu Rujak - medium (96K). and i was really not regret! super yummy! :D
crunchy fried fish fillet with spicy and sour sauce. :))

Muntahu Ay Hakka (46K). the taste was more like tasteless. maybe because i love salty food.hehe.

Central Park , Tanjung Duren.
telp. 021- 5698 5589
Jl MH Thamrin Kav 1
West Mall, Level 5, 11 A-B
Jakarta, 10350
+62 21 2358 0647

Jl. Batu Ceper no. 69
Jakarta Pusat

Epicentrum Walk 1st Floor
Jalan HR Rasuna Said
Jakarta, 12960

Food Kulture
Plaza Indonesia Ext. level 5
Central Jakarta

MOI Kelapa Gading Level I B1-3
North Jakarta
Jl.pluit utara raya no 41
North Jakarta


Aris Munandar said...

gw setuju banget, makanan jun nian, TASTELESS

sara said...

iyah nih, tp ikannya enak pol. hahaha

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