Monday, September 27, 2010

MOF Japanese Sweets

heyho! i'm back! :D
as i was *pretend* full already, so i chose to eat some desserts only.
then i saw MOF at Plaza Indonesia. NYUM!

This is Chocolate Sundae (32K). the chocolate gelato was great. not-sweet chocolate. :D
they put peaches, watermelons, almonds, choco chips, and clear-cube-tasteless-jelly with special sugar. i don't know what kind of sugar is that. i love the choco gelato,but i don't like the sugar thing. it tasted a bit weird i think.hehe
actually there must be a soft served here,but as i don't like it, so i prefer changed it into any other kind of topping. the waitress chose the substitute topping for me. :D

and this one is Vanilla Zenzai (32K). actually i changed the vanilla zen into chocolate gelato, so we got choco zenzai. hihi. here was red bean soup with a scoop of chocolate gelato and mochies. oh gosh,i love the mochi!hihi :D

Look! as they have many kind of choice, the also put the how-to-enjoy guides on the table. yuhuuu.

MOF Japanese Sweets
Plaza Indonesia EX Lantai 2 Unit E24
Jl. M.H. Thamrin kav 2
Jakarta Pusat
021- 29923545


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