Saturday, September 10, 2011

Yang Manis Dari Masa Lalu - Es Dungdung by Walls (Blogger Dinner)

Walls is one of the biggest ice cream companies in Indonesia. They are famous of their quality and have a lot of varieties.  They had been in this field for more than 10 years. In the other words, they are very expert in ice cream industry. 
Remember when I was in my first semester of college, my Public Relation lecturer once said a brand/product should has concern about environment, culture, and good will to its market area. I think Walls bring up this theory into their latest product: Es Dungdung. 
Es Dungdung is Indonesian traditional ice cream. Made by our ancestor using simple recipe which could bring delightful result of healthy ice cream. Unfortunately, not much people care about this heritage. People nowadays more interested with creamy cream or gelato. Maybe because there is no joint sell Es Dungdung in malls. Most of es dungdung sold by hawker stall which (in Jakarta and other big cities in Indonesia) is famous of their unhygienic. So people just afraid to buy or even forbid their children to taste it. Poor our children. They can't taste their own ancestor recipe because their parents too afraid they'd be sick after eat unhygienic ice cream. 
Nevertheless, Walls concern about this and try to conserve Indonesian traditional ice cream so our children could taste and enjoy it too. So here it is. 15 August 2011, at Rempah-Rempah Restaurant which also have the same theme with the product, Walls proudly pampered us (food bloggers) with their latest product: Es Dungdung. 
Es Dungdung available in 2 variants; jackfruit and coconut.  

In every event, I always concern about the food. So lets talk about the food here (Rempah-rempah).
First I came, they already arranged buffet table. I heard they usually serve ala carte, not buffet. So buffet arrangement was just for this event only. Well, the important point is the food, not how they arrange it, right? 

Look! This is my plate. :D

Now, let's take a look closer. 

Ayam Rempah. Recording to my friend who had been here before, their Ayam Rempah (seasoned chicken) was very good. So I was very curious to try it. But to be honest I was disappointed. It's not as good as I expected. My friend said usually their Ayam Rempah much better than this. Maybe because this time their served it in open air for pretty long time. So it became hard and tasteless to me. Hard to chew and hard to enjoy. Huff.

They said this was Salad Melayu. I liked it. It was clear salad with fresh vegetables and I smelled sesame oil here. It tasted a bit sour yet tasty. :9
The vegetables were still crunchy and fresh. 

Sop Buntut. The broth tasted savory and that's it. Nothing special in it. Me not like it anyway. Maybe I just love the more tasty and spicy food. 

Abon Tembakau Deli. Was it really made from weed?? Idk. I didn't even ask. :p
It looked very tempeting. So I took a lot of it. But when I tasted it, it was so rough. I hardly could munch it, and tasted so so. The season was very strong. I smelled coriander so strong. Too much I thought. 

Bakwan Jagung (Corn Fritters) . Bakwan jagung is one of my favorite food. So, usually I always say yes into bakwan jagung anywhere I find it. But (again), maybe because left in open air for pretty long time, this corn fritters became too hard to munch outside and I barely could taste the real taste. Well, this time I betrayed you, corn fritters. I didn't like you. 

Out of the food, here was the main agenda. Talkshow. There were Arie Parikesit from Kelana Rasa, Ratna Soemantri as dessert specialist, and a person as Walls' representative.
I like this kind of agenda. They didn't just talking about their product, but also gave us some knowledge. They even talked about the literature & history of ice cream. Now I know how to make ice cream. You have to whisk the boiling dough in a iron drum. The iron drum must be inside a wooden drum which full of ice cube. The speed and stability of your whisk are the matter here. If your whisk it unstable, the texture of the ice cream would be rough. Not as soft as when you whisk it in stable speed. You got the idea, right?

Voilaaa! Say hello to Es Dungdung! 

There was also a little game. 3 teams (2 persons each) were competing to decorate a bowl of Es Dungdung. The best presentation would get a cute oldies parcel. These are the result. Which one do you like the most?

Finally, lets take a pict of us! Wohooo!
Big thanks to Walls for the invitation. Psssttt. We also got a goodie bag, contain 2 packs of Es Dungdung. *big grin*
Hey, follow @esdungdung on twitter. They opened Kedai Dungdung at some points (mostly at mosque), where you can enjoy es dungdung in many fun ways. With bread or cone, you name it. :D


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