Friday, July 29, 2011

Tenten 2nd Outlet Grand Opening!

Another good news is here! Tenten finally opened their second outlet. Yeiy!
Tenten is one of Boga Group's tenant. After their first outlet (Pondok Indah Mall) succeeded, now they opened their second outlet at Plaza Indonesia (beside Sari Ratu).
Tenten offers Japanese traditional tempura that combined with western style, so it become fusion.

So they invited us (food bloggers) to come on their grand opening, June 20, 2011. Horayyy!
So bad I came late so not too much photos I could share here. Blame it to my owner's work and Jakarta's traffic! >:)
Anyway, big thanks to Tenten and (again) Goorme for the invitation. :D

Tenten Hotdogs - 35K. Hey it's not a common hotdog. You can see, they didn't use sausage. They used minced prawn and shape it into sausage-alike, dressing it with flour (tepung roti) then deep fried. Fresh salad with mayo and kinda Japanese soya sauce. It's about 20 centimeters long. Pretty fulfilling to me. Love this much! :))

Fried Sweet Potato. NYUM! Me likey. Not too sweet. Crunchy outside and soft inside. Very tempting my appetite. :)

Here are the main course. Slurp!
Ebi Tendon- I didn't tried it, my friend, who ordered it, said that it was okay and so fulfilling. I could see from the size, pretty big bowl and it was almost full. Hah!
Yasai Don is good for who doesn't eat meat because it consisted of vegetables only. But for meat lovers, say goodbye to yasai!hahaha.

This is what I ordered. Kakiage hotate & ebi sakura with udon. The udon was so soft and a bit chewy. The fries was so big.haha. It was vegetables and scallop and prawn. As there was only a little scallop and prawn, when eat the vegetables only, it tastes like bakwan sayur. :p
But it was pretty nice though.

Nah, here come the part I love the most. Dessert. Wohoo!
These were mousse. The chocolate mouse with lemon sauce was yummy. Sourness of lemon gave balance to rich chocolate. So do the strawberry sauce with the lemon cheese mouse.

Kakigori is a kind of shaved milk ice. So the ice had already had its taste.
Matcha kakigori was nice. Refreshing. Not too greentea-ish like another matcha thingy. Served with mochi.hihi.
Chocolate kakigori was even better. Not too chocolate-y, but very refreshing and light. These are the essence of dessert, right? Light and refreshing. :)

Oreo parfait was good!! I'm not a vanilla person, but I said this one was okay. :)
Strawberry parfait's look was so tempting to me.hahaha. Unfortunately, I didn't taste it. Sssst. It's somebody else's.

Blackforest Cream Roll was very nice. The cake was moist and soft, and the strawberry jam was a bit sour. Lovely blackforest.
Greentea mousse was good though. :)

Look what I found! The video about Tenten's family. So cuteeee! :))

And there was a photobooth where we could take fun photo. They also printed it for us. So bad I didn't get the soft copy. :

Ten Ten
Plaza Indonesia
Level Basement unit 16-19
Jl. M.H. Thamrin Kav. 28-30
Telp. (62 21) 7392328
Central Jakarta


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