Saturday, July 3, 2010

Warung Bu Kris

yeah, i was craving for something spicy. So here i was; Warung Bu Kris.

so bad, this time i forgot to take the bill, so i don't know the price.hahaha. but you stil can google it lah. don't be sad.haha.

i was in the mood for penyet2an, so i ordered these.
Baso Penyet. just like another beef meatballs yang digoreng. The sambel ulek is so spicy and hot (but please, it isn't sexy!hahaha).

another penyet2an is :
Tempe Penyet! this is so healthy,huh?! *gaya*
just as common tempe penyet, fried tempe served with extra hot sambel ulek.
1 porsi isinya 2 potong tempe tipis2.

and of course i didn't forget. Iga Penyet! i am not a rib lover, so i didn't try it.
my friend said it is tender, empuk2 gitu.

i was kinda want to try chicken thingy. so i ordered Ayam Bumbu Rujak. yeah, it's different with common bumbu rujak, i know it. yeah, don't worry, it's not poisonous!hahaha. the Bumbu Rujak is mirip2 bumbu kari. Not spicy at all. but it tastes well. very well i think. i like it.hihi.

and all of us agreed to ordered this too.
TARAAAA! this is Tahu Telor. for who those don't know what is tahu telor, you are really poor.hahaha. this yummy thing is made from egg and tofu (yaiyalah..--') which are fried together and served with bumbu kacang. Yummy? Absolutely! =D

this is tahu tempe ulet-ulet. kinda freaky name,huh?!
it is tahu and tempe with many kinds of veggie (sprouts, spinach, bean, etc.) diaduk2 sama entahlah apa namanya itu, it must be their special recipe.hehe.

so, i ate healthy indonesian food that day. yeah, one step closer to healthier life.
btw, i gotta go to the toilet! too much sambel ulek i guess. =p

Warung Bu Kris
Jl. Pluit Permai Raya No. 10
Jakarta, Indonesia 14440

Jl RS Fatmawati Raya 37 D
Jakarta Selatan, Indonesia 12430


Lolo said...

Mmm tofu n tempeh is my fave.. will give it a try sometime :)

sara said...

yeah you have to! they are so damn yummy! =))

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