Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Fok Luk Sau

today I caught a dimsum-fever. so I thought I need to eat dimsum!hahaha.
my way lead to Fok Luk Sau. It's located to BNI 46.
The place is neat. And also the toilet is. (ok,this is not important.haha)
The service is very good, the waiter/waitress are so friendly.
The food is also VERY GOOD!

let me presents this to you. this is : Bakpau Chasiu Panggang Nanas.(15,8K)
actually i dont know where is the pineapple. this bakpau tastes sweet and a bit crunchy at the top. it has chasiu filling. errrr.. for who doesn't know, chasiu is babi panggang merah.
this one is my favorite.hihi.

and the next is hakau (18,8K).
yeah, common dimsum thingy. with crunchy prawn inside. pretty yummy,since i always like hakau.hehe.

this is fried hakau (16,8K). the filling is prawn and cheese. so it tastes a bit salty adn served with wasabi.
i prefer normal hakau actually.hehe. but it is quiet nice.

Pangsit Udang Mayonnaise (16,8K). lovely dumpling with carrot and prawn as fillings and served with mayo.

Siomay Ayam Jamur (18,8K). Yeah it is chicken,not pork. pretty nice. =)

This is also my favorite! Siau Lung Pao (18K). It is very yummy. "I am a little closer to heaven!",my owner said.hahaha. it has pork filling, and so juicy! :D

the best partner for dimsum is of course chinese tea (6K/per person).

mmm.. wait! i still want something. but I was stuffed already.
so i decided to take it home.
TARAAAAA! nice box,isn't it?hihi.
guess what's inside it!
fried durian! (26,8K)
i love this so much much much much much and much more!hahahaha.
i am a durian lover. so this is a must-eat-thing for me.hahaha.

for additional info, if you don't like the starter (pickle,nuts, etc.), you'd better tell the waiter/waitress. because it costs you 6K. =)

Wisma 46, GF-06, Jl. Jend. Sudirman Kav. 1
Jakarta 10220


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