Sunday, July 11, 2010

The Red Duck

i was walking around at FX. and my tummy started to kriuk kriuk. so i thought this place might save me.hahaha.
as i saw their menu, i interested in hakau (15.8K) *as always*.haha
it's just taste like usual hakau. not bad lah. i ordered two portion anyway.hehe
My next target aimed to kuotie shanghai (13.8K)
this is the inside.
deep fried dumpling with vegetables and chicken as filling.

this is Lumpia Seafood Goreng (13.8K)
it is covered by almonds. it's good as it is crunchy2, but the filling is a kinda mayo and tastes a bit sour.

this is their master piece! *my version*
TARAAA! fried mantou (11.8K)
actually it's just such a common fried mantou, but i love it so much!hihi.
deep fried mantou, served with susu kental manis.

this is Siao Long Bao (14.8K). actually i'm a big fan of this yummy thing. but i guess it must be using pork.hehe. in here, it is chicken. well, for me it's not juicy enough and gravy enough.

this is Siew Mai (15.8K)
pretty done lah. just average. =)

oyah,i also brought Bakpao Pasir Emas (13.8K) to take away but i forgot to take the pict.hehe.
actually it tastes well. bakpao with salty egg as filling. tapi bukan telor asin beneran, ini udah dikutak katik gt telor asinnya, jd ky selai or something like that. rasanya manis2 gt..asin dikit jg lah.. namanya jg telor asin. hahah =))

FX, Jl. Jend. sudirman
Jakarta, Indonesia


Hans Brownsound ツ said...

they look so yummy :) this blog made me hungry. HAHA

sara said...

yes! i'm succeed! itu tujuannya.hahaha. ;p

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