Monday, July 5, 2010

Pizza Boutique

as I was craving for pizza,so today i went to Pizza Boutique.
sorry i forgot again to take picture of the place.hehehe. ;p

first i saw this pizza, it looks delicious. so i ordered one. yeah, this is BBQ pizza (58K).
and u know what? it is SO YUMMY!
very recommended. =)
dagingnya berasa, mozzarella cheese nya jg berasa, dan BBQ sauce nya jg berasa.

and then, i confuse, which one i want again, akhirnya pilihan jatuh kepada:

TABASCO! (58K) yeah. namanya mirip sama merek sambel.hahaha.
the look is gorgous, isn't it? warna warni gitu.
the toppings are paprika, olive fruit, jalapeno, mozzarella , beef, etc. (i forget.hehe)
the taste is hot & sour. for me, it's kinda weird. pizza yg rasanya pedes dan asem,tp keju.

i need something sweet (just like me.hahaha). i found these two are interesting.
this is mudhoney (35K-small size). thin crust pizza with black and white choco on the top = HEAVEN! sweet and crunchy.=)
karna cm small size, isinya cm 4 potong.hihi

i asked the waitress about one of their best sellers, she answered "Eskimo Joe" (55K-reg size).
funny name!hihi. it is thin crust pizza with raspberry and melting cookies and vanilla ice cream on the top. What a super duper yummy dessert! :D
actually you may choose the ice cream's flavor. but they just have two kinds of flavors : vanilla and green tea. bisa jg mau yg ukuran kecilnya kalo mau, harganya sama ky yg mudhoney.

Jl. Mohammad Husni Thamrin Kav. 28-30
Plaza Indonesia eX, 4th floor
Jakarta, Indonesia


Hans Brownsound ツ said...

u made me really hungre for seeing this pic! HAHAHA :D

sara said...

they are really yummy. you must try them! :D

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