Sunday, July 25, 2010


Who doesn't love ice cream? this time i would like to introduce you the best italian ice cream in town. wohoo!
Ragusa was founded since 75 years ago.
Ragusa served only italian ice cream, but they served it with various ways.
I rather choose to try something sounds unique than just common way of serving.

this is spaghetti ice cream (27K). it's made from choco ice cream shaped like noodle with sekade at the top. so damn yummy! =9

this is Tutti Frutti (23K). as you could see, it has layers of 3 flavors: choco, strawberry, and vanilla i guess. with a bit sekade in it. slurrrppp. =9

ice cream here is very light and not too creamy like we usual meet, and also so refreshing. love it love it. =)

Es Krim Ragusa
Jalan Veteran I No. 10, Jakpus

Gazebo Cafe
Jl. Kunir No. 5 B, Kota Tua, Jakarta Barat


Anonymous said...

es krimnya memang light ya, ga bikin eneg, tapi servicenya bikin malesin

sara said...

TRUE!hahaha. Tapi makanan di depannya enak2. :9

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