Monday, July 19, 2010


it's time for Kitchennete!
as i am *always* starving, i really can't wait to eat them! wohoo.
hey look! this is how it looks. pretty crowded yaa..

when i saw the menu, i suddenly fall in love with Crispy Potato Chips in nacho's style (45K). and i am not wrong. it's so damn yummy! i love it very berry much.hihi. it consists of deep fried sliced potato, and beans, leeks, jalapeno, and of course cheese for the topping. slurpppp! =9

look a bit closer here. watch out your mouth dude! it's watering!!hahaha

this is Gusteau (59K). it's like not-crunchy-salty-crepes, served with deep fried sliced potato and bacon (you may choose pork or turkey).
come here! see this toppings. seducing ,huh?!

as i want a dessert, i see Isabelle (39K) is very eye catching! it's sweet crepes, with cheese sauce and oreo for the topping. yumm yumm yummy! =9

i also ordered Awesome Chocolate - Frozen (35K), and for sure i don't regret it. ;)
a very delicious choco blend. not too sweet and not too bitter. i love it.

Plaza Indonesia
#1 floor block E unit #16.
Jalan Muhammad Husni Thamrin Kav. 28-30


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