Saturday, July 3, 2010

pizza e birra

hi, Tommy's here!
some time ago,I went to Pizza e Birra to fulfill my empty tank.
the ambiance is so nice,ky country2 gitu. so bad i forgot to take the photo, but don't worry, i didn't forget to take the photos of the foods!hihi
this is angry meaty (59,000IDR - exclude taxes). rasanya? HOT! just like me.hahahaha. it's filled by semacam saos spaghetti yang diselipin diantara pizzanya. Pizzanya tipis, dan dilipet ky martabak gitu, trs d grill deh. it's served with a big chilly (i didn't have any courage to eat it. =p) and a kinda mayo.

this one is Black Eye Pears (35,000 IDR -exclude taxes). it's sweet. like me too!hahahaha. i think it is similiar with mudhoney at pizza boutique, but this one have slices of pears on it. you may add ice cream on it too,with extra charges of course.

aaaa, i was thirsty! so i ordered Alexandria(20,000IDR-exclude taxes). eits, jangan salah sangka. bukan cewe panggilan koq.hahaha. it's a kinda tea.

it tastes mint. hmm.. i'm not a fan of minty tea, so i don't like it as well.hehe.
but for minty tea lovers, it might be very great. =)
they also provide flavored-beer. ah i have to try this someday!

actually, for me, the foods are so-so. but the place is very very nice. i love it.hihi

Pizza e Birra
Jl. MH Thamrin Kav. 28-30
PI Extension Lantai 5, Unit E 22-23

Jl. HR Rasuna Said Kav. 62
Setiabudi One, Ground floor
Jakarta, Indonesia 12910
Jakarta 10350


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