Sunday, July 25, 2010

another best snacks ever - tommy version

first of all, I am so sorry, lately i always forgot to take picts of my food that i can't show you anything. =(
but don't worry. i'm kinda present you my 3 of my fave snacks! hihi

1. Richeese Nabati
as it's name, it is rich of cheese! and the cheese is so yummy. sweet cheese. auuum. nyom nyom nyom. i dont know the price. i think it's different each place. but for average retail price it's about 1k IDR. yes one thousands rupiahs,and you cam have this yummy thing. nyomnyomnyom.

2. Superman
so proud of Indonesia cause this yummy food is made in Indonesia and still Indonesia's popular snack until today! this is my snack since i was kindergarten. i guess almost every children in my era loves it. it's chocolate wafer and coated with chocolate too. yummyummyummy. the retail price is about 1k IDR per pack.

3. Tango Waffle Crunchox
this waffle is not really yummy actually, but don't know why i love to eat it.hehe.
it's chocolate and crispy thing between two very crunchy waffle. =)


ndutyke said...

kantin sekolahku isinya jajanan beginian nih, aneka macam rasa rupa... enak sih.. tp kalo kebanyakan bikin batuk...

sara said...

iyah d kantin skolah aku dl jg byk.hihi
emang bkin batuk tapi kalo uda skali makan jd nagih gt. susah brentinya.hahaha

winnywd said...

hahaha ini gue banget!
plus momogi coklat dan better!!!!!
so yummm

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