Tuesday, July 6, 2010

kwetiau sapi 28

last Sunday, i went to mangga besar. and i decided to eat this.
Kwetiau Sapi 28.

i choose these:
This is kwetiau siram. (20K)
first, kwetiaunya digoreng dl,br d sirem sama kuahnya. isinya ada babat,sayur, daging, kulit, etc.

and this is kwetiau bun (20K).
a bit gravy but not banjir. i like this.hihi.

and this one is sop daging (22K).
i didn't order with rice, so i just eat this.
a lot of beef and sprouts.hihi. pretty yummy. =9

if you don't like kwetiau, there are another menu like fried rice and bihoon, etc. Or else,there is a chinese food restaurant at the next door. =)
Mangga Besar Raya No.7e


Anonymous said...

Trims banget udah mampir ke 28 :)
Really appreciate it :)

Please add my facebook @ csprowilly@gmail.com

Rick said...

Wah biasa sy makan disini skrg :D memang yummyy..

sara said...

Iyah. enak ya.heheh. :D

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