Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Roti Prata Jalan Kayu

when i first came to FJ Square Pluit Village, I once noticed the prata in the first stall. but unfortunately i ordered another food already. so at the other time, i came again and ordered that prata without think twice.haha.

Sausage/Mushroom & Cheese Prata (23K). you may choose sausage or mushroom. in this time, i chose sausage. but the sausage is very few.hahaha. fortunately they serve this prata with a kinda curry. and the the curry was good, savory and a bit salty. nyumnyumnyum. =9

here is Bomb Prata (12K). even looks like this,this is very yummy. me likey.hihi.
it's only butter and sugar for the filling, but the butter is too much. so when i was going to eat it, it's just like too oily. well,it's no problem as i can moved it to drain it first before eating. =))

apparently they are not just sell prata, but also indian noodle (23K) and one kind of rice, err.. i forgot the name.hehe. they cook the indian noodle with red sauce. ok, that's what i name it because i don't know what is the sauce with red colored that makes the noodle become this red.hahaha. the noodle cooked with egg and vegetables. not spicy, not salty. just a bit savory and that's all. i think this is not really recommended. =)

as they have an open kitchen, we could watch the chef cooking our order. fun fun fun. :D

Roti Prata Jalan Kayu
FJ Square
Pluit Village Mall 3rd floor
Jl. Pluit Indah Raya, Penjaringan
Jakarta Utara


Lianne said...

WOW that all looks sooooo yummy.... mmmm....

on your question, not all my pictures are taken with my lomo cameras. some i use my canon 500D :) the shots that are a bit grainy are my lomo shots.


sara said...

yeah they are so yummy!hihi. hoo. i get it. thx. =))

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