Saturday, August 28, 2010

emie acuan

hey! have you been to pluit?
there are many good food there!hahaha. this one for example.
this yummy food is Emie Acuan. it's kind of emie medan.

Emie (17K). actually it's very sweet, too sweet i think. so i put pretty lot of lime to make it balance. =)
isinya tp cuma dikit sih, banyak d kuahnya aja.hehe. the prawn is also only 3 and little ones.--'

the other choice is sate babi (4K each). yeah this is not halal. but pretty yummy lah. tp dagingnya agak alot gitu. it is very different with the usual we see ones because it use bumbu kacang.

if you are here, dont forget to drink barley(5K). it's medan typical drink. =)

actually they also provide nasi campur (23K) which is also yummy, and other kind of food. if you dont like this foods, there are plenty of other choice around here. =)

Emie Acuan
JL. PLuit Sakti Raya No. 39
North Jakarta
(021) 661 3867


Betacenturia said...

I haven't gone there, but actually I have tasted acuan noodle and "nasi campur". I like both of em'

Owh I just ate a "Mie Ocid", yummy...
Have U tasted one?

sara said...

no,i haven't. where is it? yummy yah? mauuuuuu.haha

Betacenturia said...

hahaha it's in pasar lama, Tangerang
Yummmmmmy :P [but mie kangkung is still the best 4 me]

so, if you know the place that serve really tasty "mie kangkung"
Plizz let me know :)

sara said...

itu sblh mananya tangerang ya? tangerang cm tw bsd sama lippo karawaci doank gw.hahaha.
itu mie kangkung d lekker jg enak koq.hehe.
yg enak bgt sih dl yg srg lewat d rmh nenek gw d angke. tp skrg uda jrg k sana. jd gatw masih ada apa ga. dia pedangang keliling gt tapi.hehe

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