Monday, August 9, 2010


mochi is always interesting for me!hehe
yesterday i visited Mochilla. they sell mochi with ice cream and wine in it.

it costs 12K IDR each. but if you buy for 6pieces, you'll get special price : 11K IDR each.
since i dont like wine, and i love ice cream, so i buy the ice cream ones.hehe.
i bought 6 pieces but i just take 2 pictures.hehe.
here is the taro one.
and here is the black sesame one.

me love it. hihi

Jl MH Thamrin 1
GI West Mall, 3A Floor ED-1-12
Central Jakarta


Aris Munandar said...

i don't like it... pricey, small and everything taste the same LOL

sara said...

yeah. rasa ice creamnya ga gt brasa gitu. tp blhlah buat cemilan ngasal.hehe

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