Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Puri Bambu

Heyho! since i spent some time in Bandung, so here is another 'lucky' food that came into my tummy.hahaha.
first of all, i'm really sorry for the moslem, because this time i am going to share about porky food. and please don't blame me if you are drooling because of this post. ;p

this is Puri Bambu. i heard my cousins said this is a good place where we can eat non halal food with reasonable price. so here we went.

they have 2 buildings. the first one with saung ambiance, and the other one is more modern. i took the modern one. they have indoor and outdoor seats. the outdoor also have a kind of tudungan, so you won't get kepanasan or keujanan if you sit there. =)

this is Bakut Goreng Cabe Garam (38K). crunchy salty deep fried bakut. this is yummy! =9

Anak Cumi Kriuk (29K). as you can see the name, it's baby squid. the taste is just like another squid, but these ones are tinier. and as this is deep fried, so it's also very crunchy. the sauce is just well cooked and the taste is just fit well. sweet and a bit spicy.

Samcan Panggang Crispy (26K). this is pig's fat. yeah, i only like the crunchy part. i don't eat the whole because i don't like the fat part. hehe. this is served with their special sauce. it's like saos kacang.hehe

This is Kangkung Hot Plate (25K). this one is not a porky thing. it's beef.hehe.
the sauce is yummy! the kangkung also well cooked, and the beef is not hard.

Rusuk Bakar Bambu (38K). i don't why they name it bambu, maybe it's use bamboo to grill it, or because the name of the place is puri bambu.haha.
this is a bit sweet. and there is such deep fried bihoon under. this is one of their specialties actually. but i feel something wrong when i ate this. i don't know it's about the seasoning or what. when i ate this, there were something like staking. and it's not just one. a lot. it's so weird.

Telor Mata Babi (25K). whoaaaa. can't you see it's so tempting?hahaha. it's sayur asin with steamed minced pork and telor ceplok at the top. nyumnyumnyum. =9

the first i read the menu, there was rujak banci (6K). i was is curious, what kind of rujak is that.hahaha. so i ordered one. the portion is so little. but it's worth the price i guess. it's similar with asinan. but this uses more vinegar. so the taste is sour yet refreshing.hihi.

oiyah, i also ordered kedondong juice (15K). but i don't like it. they were not refine it. so we drink it with all the dregs.

Puri Bambu
Jl. Sindang Sirna no. 12-14
ph: 022 - 204 0143, 9263 0297


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