Thursday, March 1, 2012

The Playground

What do you think when you hear "playground" ? Kid, child, play, fun, etc. 
Remembering when I was a kid, I loved to eat while sitting on a swing. Yes, it could happen again now, at The Playground. The Playground presents the concept of playground ambiance, with grassy floor, swing seat, bench, and other playground's material. Cool, isn't it? 

Pepperoni Pizza. I was excited when I knew it was square pizza. Well, it's just a matter of shape, but tried something unique is always exciting, right? ;p
The pizza was crispy on the edge side. The tomato sauce was a bit sour, but balance enough with the cheese. Just for tips, you'd better eat this while still warm. :)

Katsutti (65K) - is a fusion pasta. Spaghetti with cream sauce and chicken katsu, covered up with egg. As good as it looked, it tasted superb. Me very loved it. The portion wasn't big, but I found myself full enough because it's creamy and sweet. Anyway, I want it again now. *drooling*

Aglio Olio (45K). I'm not expecting much about this dish. I thought, as I was in major hunger, it would be better if I ordered safe menu. And turned out it was good! Well, a bit oily, but it tasted nice. The spaghetty was al dente, not too spicy, smelled very tempting, and really well-seasoned. 

Ice tea, lemon squash, and strawberry ice tea. (@20K) 

Zabaglione (35K). The waiter said, there's Bailey hint in it. But I tasted was milk and rum. Yeah, I was disappointed. 

Peanut butter and jelly. Actually, I was just curious, how this thing could be very famous among western people, so I ordered one. Apparently it was toasted breads with peanut and strawberry jelly in the middle. I couldn't taste the peanut jam. I forgot how much it cost, but I'm sure, it wasn't worth it. I prefer toasted bread sold in hawker stall; cheaper and yummier. 

The Playground
Plaza Indonesia Extension - Jl. M.H. Thamrin Kav. 28 - 30, Jakarta - (021) 3199-0221 


Anonymous said...

peanut butter jellynya biasa banget yah >_< pake roti tawar biasa juga?

sara said...

Iyaaah. Agak menyesal sih, tp yaudalah. Kalo ga pesen,ntr penasaran.hahaha

Kevin said...

wah pastanya looks so gosh darn good!!!!! Harus coba nih!

sara said...

It was. Emang enak vin. Cuma sayangnya pilihan menu pastanya ga gitu banyak. Tp enak2. hihi :)

EVe said...

Miss the kasutti, it was superb combination when first I tot it was weird

nikolas adiyanto said...

Fotonya bagus 2 banget! Hehe
Belum pernah coba nih ke playground
Katsutti -nya menggiurkan :D

sara said...

Hi, Thanks for your compliment. I'm still learning anyway. hehe.

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