Friday, March 16, 2012

The Strudels Factory

This time I was in Bandung. Felt so good after long time no visit. :D
Bandung has many many many concept restaurants. It was even hard for me to choose which one to visit first, since I only have one day there. Looking around Riau area, I saw The Strudels Factory. Ah, I used to want it so bad few months ago, and since it was justs in front of my eyes, I didn't hesitate to come in. 

Blueberry Strudels. What else you should order at The Strudels Factory? Of course I ordered their strudels. And apparently it was good. There's sugar on top. The strudels was crispy but soft enough to enjoy. The size wasn't too big, but that's not a big deal. It cost me about 18-20K IDR. I forgot the exact number. The blueberry sauce was a bit sour and the white sauce (I forgot what's that, maybe it was yogurt) was sweet. Sweet and sour in strudels? Perfect. 

Black and White Hot Cake. Yes, it is chocolate melted cake. I didn't know what took it so long, they spent almost 1 hour to bake it. I even asked to cancel because I still had other places to go, but they insisted that they were baking the cake so I couldn't cancel the order. Okay, in the middle of disappointment, I just sat and took pictures of my friends. After about 50 minutes, finally 'the king' arrived. I took some photos of it quickly then  grabbed a spoon, ready to prey it. :p  Well, the chocolate in the middle was melted, but not as good as I desired. It was a too thick and not generous. The outside part also not special, the cake was puffy but just okay. Nothing special here. The vanilla ice cream, I assume, was not a home made. But it went pretty well with the cake. 

House & Cafe
Jl. Progo 13 A
Ph : 022.424.1075


Ellyna Tjohnardi said...

Wow...strudel nya murah amad, cuma 18-20k!! Beda jauh sama corica (hampir 3x lipat harganya!) Mau coba ah next time ke bandung =D

sara said...

Iyah murah banget. Makan 2 menu ini cuma kena 42rb (incl. tax) :D

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