Friday, March 16, 2012

Otel Lobby

Jakarta has a lot of new restaurants lately. It's even impossible for me to try them all in a month. That's why I am so excited to try new restaurant, because it means one more material to publish in this blog. lol. Anyway, this time I went Otel Lobby. Yup, the most hip new comer in Jakarta. Many people talking about it. Never hear any disappointment about it, I thought I should make a visit as soon as I could. 

Located in one of biggest business area in Jakarta, Otel Lobby easily climbing their name up into the list of 'must-try' restaurants. The signage reminds me about classic hotel which usually found in classic movie. When you enter the door, you'll find a hotel lobby. Literally, hotel lobby. Yes, I lied, it's not a hotel lobby, it's only hotel lobby-look-alike, complete with all hotel lobby decoration. There's a front desk where you can ask for tables. If you feel like going to the bar, it will be right on your left. if you feel like having dinner or lunch, your table will be in right area. The dim light, actually it was almost dark, made me harder to take much pictures even tough I went there in the afternoon.

Beef Wellington - 135K IDR. The size was not too big, approximately as big as my fist. But the taste spoke louder than its size. I got nothing to complain. The pastry outside was crispy, the beef was tender, juicy, and perfectly half-done. The sauce was light enough to balance the high tensed wellington.  

OTL Meatballs - 55K IDR.  Of course you shouldn't hoping for Chinese or Indonesian meatballs. Otel Lobby claims itself as a fusion restaurant and here's one of their creation. Italian meatball with emping (melinjo cracker). Well, it seemed awkward to me at first, but apparently they went well together. The meatballs made from minced beef that seasoned and be rounded. The beef was not dry. Actually they cooked it just like bolognaise. The difference was the shape of the meat. They put grated cheese on top, which a bit melted and fused with the sauce. The sauce tastes salty. Even for a salty lover like me, it tasted salty. But fortunately, it went really well with the emping. 

Lemon & Pear Souffle - 35K IDR. I am a souffle adorer. So I decided to order one.  This time, I chose lemon & pear souffle, as this was my first time saw this kind of souffle on the menu. Unfortunately it was too runny. Away from my expectation and imagination that souffle is thick and rich. Anyway, i couldn't find any hint of lemon, maybe it was not a main ingredients, but why they put it as the name. There's the sauce which I found hints of vanilla and ginger. Yup, ginger to be combined with souffle. Yes, this was my first time seeing this too. Well, it was not that bad. It was pretty nice anyway. But I just prefer chocolate souffle, a safe choice, which they do not have. 

Otel Lobby
Jl.Epicentrum Tengah
South Gate Entrance
The Annex Building of Bakrie Tower – Kuningan
Jakarta Selatan 12940
Phone : 021-29941324
Website :


An Nur Khairisa said...

May God...kayknya smua org ud kesini gw bloman..padahal dket bgt ama kosan haha...tapi kudu spent bnyak duit bgt ya sar makan disini? enakan rame2 kali yaaa

sara said...

Iyaaaah, ini gw perginya yg rame2 sama jenny segala.hehe ;)

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