Friday, November 4, 2011

Tan n Tan

If you happen to Miniapolis, Plaza Indonesia, you might find a red and white chinese restaurant just right beside the baby-gym. Yeah, its name is Tan n Tan. As I walked through in, the place was still vacant at 11.00 am. But as the lunch time coming, the place was, slow but sure, pretty crowder.
I read, this restaurant was founded by 2 different Mrs. Tan, who were bestfriends and they fancy to have a modern chinese restaurant. So that's how Tan n Tan created.  

Pork Mee (36,5K). First thing I noticed was this restaurant served pork. Hardly find pork in Chinese restaurant that located in malls. Basically, pork mee was noodle that covered with tomato & chilli sauce, served in a big white bowl with two meatballs, beansprouts, fish ball, and fried pork fat (we usually call it cuyucha). First, I was annoyed by the smell of tomato sauce. I hated it. But then I tried, and it turned out to be better and better then. The bad news is the fried pork fat  was smell bad. I mean it's like had been kept for a long time, so it became musty. 

Bakso Goreng - Fried Chicken Meatball (19,5K).  Actually, this one didn't disappoint me. Pretty nice. Crunchy outside, soft inside. Tasted salty and savory. They put minced chicken and prawn together, mixed it with spicies, than repeatedly threw it forcefully. Yeah, that's how you make fried meatball. :)

Bakuteh (59,8K). As a chinese restaurant that served pork, of course Bakuteh is one of their speciality, and I wouldn't miss an opportunity to try one. :D
Served in a big hot bowl with a small bowl of cakwe, the smoke and smell was going through wherever. 
Filled with some kinds of fungi, yeah, chinese herbal recipes is the main idea of this dish. The pork was nice, not too hard to chew, yet not too soft. The broth tasted a bit tasteless, but the smell was so strong.
Compared to other chinese restaurant in malls, this one seemed pretty edible and nice. 
Compared to my owner's mother and grandma cooking, this one seemed horrible. :)

Ice Cocktail (27,5K). After tasting a lot of oily thingy, I thought I should eat some fruits to make myself balance. :p
So I tried this cocktail. First glance, it looked so colorful and fresh. It was shaved ice at the bottom, with fruits on its top, showered by liquid sugar. The fruits were strawberry, orange, watermelon, pineapple, and melon. I tried, then felt something wrong. Ah, I realised there was canned fruit, that made the taste became weird. Please, for 27K cocktail in this little bowl, you shouldn't use canned fruit. I really really really against it.Moreover if you put the water of canned fruit into it. Geez! It wasn't edible anymore. I even spit it out my mouth. Big disappoinment to me. 

Overall, my visit was just so so. The waiter/ess were friendly and helpful. :)

Plaza Indonesia, M.H. Thamrin Kav. 28 – 30, Tanah Abang, L3 # E45, Jakarta Pusat


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