Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Go! Curry

Curry. Curry. Curry. Many things could come up in curry. Chicken, beef, pork, seafood, or anything. 
Go! Curry is one of tenants that has curry as their main menu. They serve many kind of curry; Japanese, Indian, Thai, etc. I'm not sure what kind of other curry, but they have many mascotts representing where the curries come from. 
After opened their first outlet at Cilandak Town Square, now they had opened at Pacific Place too. Go! Curry bring the new concept, that eating curry not always be troublesome. So they offer a simple and modern ambience to their customer. 

To order here, there are 3 steps you have to do. 
First, choose the curry. They have (approximately) 5 kinds of curry. 
Second, choose your meat. Chicken, seafood, beef, pork, lamb. Your call. :)
Third, choose your rice. Long grain, cilantro rice, butter rice. 

Voila!And finally, Happy eating! :D

Chicken Katsu with Rogan Josh Curry and Cilantro Rice (56K).
Rogan Josh is the curry with high tense of spiciness. Even the waitress warned me when I ordered one. This is their specialities. 
Well, it's hot. Just as I expected. :)
The chicken katsu was nice, crunchy outside, and juicy inside. The chicken cutlet wasn't too thick, and not too thin either. The curry was not thick. Good for me, so I didn't feel full easily. ;p
The rice has good fragrant, I loved it. 

Zesty Cheese Chicken with Brown Curry and Long Grain Rice (56K).
Zesty chicken was cube cuts of chicken. Same as the katsu, the chicken was juicy and nice. First they grilled it first than put it into the curry. So we could smell the smoked chicken. Oh, I loved it. 
Brown curry is Japanese curry. This curry wasn't spicy. Smell like Japanese curry (of course it was). To be honest I prefer Rogan Josh. It had something special that I rarely could find anywhere else. 
The long grain rice was just okay. It's just plain rice. :)

Butter Naan (19K).
They only had few choices for naan. Actually I wanted a sweet one, but apparently thay didn't have any. So I tried this. Naan is kind of bread. Click here to find out more about naan. this naan remind me of prata. But naan is thicker and drier. 
Anyway, the taste was just so so. It even tasted plain. I thought it would go well with the curry. So bad this dish didn't come with curry. :(

Cilandak Town Square, 1st Floor Unit C127
Pacific Place Jakarta, 4th floor Unit 4-01


Aris Munandar said...

Lumayan ya resto nya :)Bikin pengen mesen dengan kombinasi macem macem hehe

sara said...

Iyah. Seru juga nyoba2in ginian. :D

Jenz said...

Emang enak sih kalo naannya dicocol pake curry.. Biasanya sih, gw cocolin ke curry pesanan yg bareng nasi :D kapan2 kesini bareng yukkk, udah lama jg ga ke go!curry :)

sara said...

@Jenz: Ayoooooooooooo! :)))

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