Thursday, November 24, 2011


Central Park has been developed. A lot. 
Listed as one of new hangout place in Jakarta, many new restaurants opened their outlet here. This one is Ribenkoff. I ate this few months ago. The last time I saw, it changed its name. I forgot the name though. ;p
The place was pretty vacant when I came in. They had outdoor seats too. For me, nothing special with the decoration. I mean, it was good, but  a lot of restaurants have good decoration. So nothing became unique anymore. 

Chicken Steak. Seriously, this dish was horrible. It came in not-big portion, and  the meat was tasteless. Fortunately, the sauce was tasteful, even it taste like a bunch of MSG. Anyway, the french fries was kinda a lot. 

Chicken Cordon Blue. The chicken was juicy. Unfortunately, it was also tasteless. Oh, and it served with spaghetti which was also tasteless. ;(
I think they have to put some more flavor into their dishes. 

Strawberry juice. I forgot how much it costed me, approximately 18-20K IDR. And again, I was disappointed. First it came, they even didn't strain it, so I asked the waitress to strain. Then, it tasted literally like strawberry and water. They didn't put any milk into it. Seriously, 20K for a juice with no milk? That's crazy. I mean, Ribenkoff wasn't a high end restaurant. Plus, they put a lot of ice cubes into the glass. I wonder how much their capital budget for a glass of strawberry juice was. So bad. 

Another thing that turn me off was their menu book was like in food court. It's only a clear holder. It looked cheap. 

Anyway, since they had change their name, I hope they also change their quality. Amen. 

3rd Floor Central Park Mall
 Jl. Let. Jend S. Parman Kav 28. 
Jakarta 11470.
 Phone: +6221-5698-5599


Ellyna Tjohnardi said...

Ouch, sorry to hear about your misfortune dear...I will make a point to avoid the failed items you mentioned above... Thanks for sharing ya =)

Jenz said...

Gw dulu pernah nanya rekomendasi tempat makan di CP, ada yg jawab, apapun yg lo coba, jgn coba ribenkoff :D

sara said...

Really? Huahahahahaha.
Tp sekarang udah tutup tuh. ;p

Anonymous said...

wakaka pantesen lah udah tutup sekarang

sara said...

IYah. Uda ganti nama juga ga guna kynya. Emg managementnya yang amburadul.hahaha.

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