Saturday, October 15, 2011

De Luca

Italian Restorante has been mushroomed in all over Jakarta lately. De Luca is one of them. As it has a lot of competitor, a bit hard for them to stand out from others. Sooner or later, the unqualified ones will be eliminated from the race area. Well, to be honest, I went to Plaza Senayan, planning to try Union. So bad there were a long long queue. I had to wait for 19 queues and I was in a huge hunger. Alright then, lets move on and try another one. I saw De Luca just right in front of Monolog, quiet crowded, but good for me as I didn't have to wait any longer and got a seat immediately, as I needed. Not bad, I thought. 

Almost full-seated that time, the waiters looked busy serving customers. The furniture and dim light reminded us of Italian bistro. Nice. :3

This is their bread compliment. A basket of bread. Yeah, they were wheat bread, and yummy when it was warm, but getting dry when it was cold. 

Spinach Canneloni (58K). 2 big rolled pasta with minced beef inside and melted cheese on the top plus tomato sauce. Once I ate this, reminded me of spaghetti bolognese. The difference is the pasta. Anyway, love the balance of thick cheese and sour tomato sauce. The pasta was al dente. But I thought I would much more in love if they put a bit sugar in the tomato sauce. :p

Linguine Minced Beef (68K). Whooooah, this was my fave. Well, as it was spinach, the color became green-ish. Minced beef and small cube of tomato, with grated cheese on the top. I was in love. I even drooling now while typing this. lol. 
It tasted very balance for every taste it had. The dish wasn't too dry like aglio olio, but also had moist side. And all spices mix well. 

FYI, just like another (most of) fancy restaurants, they took 10% service charge. :)

De Luca 
Plaza Senayan CP 01, Jakarta 
Ph. 021-5725170
Fax. 021- 5725171


Anonymous said...

Hmmm.... I think they put the wrong name.. Because the cannelloni is the cylindrical type of pasta which is the photo below the bread.. and the linguini pasta is the pic with the name cannelloni... hehe.. ^^

Anonymous said...

Hmm.. i think they put the wrong name.. Because the cannelloni is the cylindrical shape of pasta which is the photo below the bread.. And the linguini is the pasta with spinach.. hehe.. ^^

sara said...

Fiuh. Thanks God you saved me! lol.
Now I know why I was confuse when I wrote this post. :p
Big thanks to you. :))

Fellexandro Ruby said...

So pricey for a plate of pasta --"

sara said...

I was hoping for Pepenero kinda taste actually. But .. well, this wasn't bad anyway. hahaha :)

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